Tuesday 16 July 2013

Beautiful Robyn | Styled Boudoir Shoot | Brenaissance

This glorious shoot came about as the result of my dear (incredibly talented!) friend Merlene & me dreaming about beauty over a coffee date :) Winter is a slower time for the wedding industry, which leaves us creatives time to play with different looks, different styles and have some fun :) Between the two of us we came up with a concept for two looks - light & innocent vs. dark & sultry - with an emphasis on celebrating feminine beauty :) We were fortunate enough to find the PERFECT lady for the job - the utterly stunning Robyn :) Ida was the lovely lady who so brilliantly styled Robyn's hair - seriously, Ida & Merlene were beauty machines on the day :) I didn't think it was possible for Robz to look any more beautiful than she does already, but here's the proof ;) She's one of those stunning-inside-and-outside radiant women who just make you want to smile :)

A boudoir shoot is such a beautiful way to celebrate your femininity as a woman - with the added bonus of being a pretty amazing gift for the special man in your life :) As ladies we tend to be so critical of ourselves - most especially our bodies! Even the most beautiful woman will tend to point out her 'flaws' if given half a chance. It's a real gift to be shown your beauty through someone else's eyes, and to have that celebrated wholeheartedly :)

The shoot take place at the absolutely stunning Brenaissance in Stellenbosch, which provided the perfect backdrop for the different looks we were going for - photography heaven ;) It was an absolute dream working with these 3 lovely ladies!!! :)

The Dream Team
Make up: Merlene Joy
Hair: Ida Webster
Venue: Brenaissance

PS. if you're wondering where the exquisite gowns are from, the floor-length white one was custom-made for me by Magda Grove, and the beautiful short back one is by Lace Blossom.

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Shan, Allan & their beautiful bump :)

So I'm a little biased. Ok, maybe a lot ;) But these two? They're going to make the best parents :) And Shan? She's the most beautiful pregnant lady I've ever seen :) The fact that she's one of my very dearest friends is just coincidence ;)

But seriously, Shan & Allan were the first people I ever photographed for real - back when I didn't know what exposure really was, how to pose people, before my camera felt like an extension of my arm :) It was such a privilege to photograph this next exciting milestone in their lives :)

They stay all the way in Canada, and were out here for a visit - and I may or may not have bullied them into taking these pictures ;) Allan was very gracious, and even helped with directing Shan and setting up shots ;)

Shan & Allan - love you guys millions :) Your precious baby is going to be too gorgeous for words, but more importantly - loved beyond measure :)

Lots of love

Sunday 23 June 2013

The Gorgeous Saven Family | Camps Bay

This is one super special family - from when Laila contacted me to book their shoot and during the loveliest morning we spent laughing with them :) Such good-looking parents are bound to have gorgeous kids, but man, these 4 make an advert for excellent genes ;) But more than that, it's so beautiful to see two parents who are clearly plugged into their kids' lives - you can't manufacture the affection and genuine enjoyment that they all exude in each others' presence :)

Laila, Gary, Emma & Jake, thank you so much for the loveliest morning of fun, being up for any craziness and for being so beautifully natural :)

Here are a few (ok I'm lying, many) of my favorites :)

Much love

Tuesday 4 June 2013

The Cook/van den Broek Family

 You may remember Natalie's lovely face from Jus & Simon's wedding back in January :) Back then she was the most beautiful pregnant lady & little Olly stole the show as the precious ring bearer :) I was super excited when Jus contacted me to book a shoot for their family + newborn Sebastian.

Sebastian is the most gorgeous newborn baba, and Olly is possibly the smartest and most enchanting little boy in the world! He and I got along like a house on fire :) The tenderness and gentleness that Natalie mothers her children with is truly beautiful to see - what an inspiration :)

It was such a privilege to photograph this lovely family - here are a few of my favorites :)

Sunday 26 May 2013

The Extended Leslie Family | Tokai Forest

You may remember Caitlyn & Charlie's faces from their stunning wedding last year :) I feel super privileged to have had the opportunity to document so many of their happy occasions so I was overjoyed when she contacted me to do a photo shoot for her lovely Mom's birthday :)

The gentlemen cooperated very graciously with the ladies' planning for the dress code and location, and we spent an awesome couple of hours traipsing about the forest :) You'd be hard-pressed to find a lovelier group of people, or good-looking I might add :) Add 2 adorable kiddo's to the mix, and you've got a grand recipe for fun :)

Here are just a few favorites :)