Sunday 23 June 2013

The Gorgeous Saven Family | Camps Bay

This is one super special family - from when Laila contacted me to book their shoot and during the loveliest morning we spent laughing with them :) Such good-looking parents are bound to have gorgeous kids, but man, these 4 make an advert for excellent genes ;) But more than that, it's so beautiful to see two parents who are clearly plugged into their kids' lives - you can't manufacture the affection and genuine enjoyment that they all exude in each others' presence :)

Laila, Gary, Emma & Jake, thank you so much for the loveliest morning of fun, being up for any craziness and for being so beautifully natural :)

Here are a few (ok I'm lying, many) of my favorites :)

Much love

 Like I said, good-looking beyond reason ;)

 Beautiful Laila and precious Jake - he was a little wary of the camera to start with, so Emma and Dad were just off-camera trying to get him to smile ;)

 Hehe I had a good chuckle at the antics of Emma & her Dad :)
 Nothing better than being 'flown' by Dad ;)

 Emma gets her gorgeousness from her Mom :)

 Gorgeous kiddo's!
 I just love Jake's face here ;)

 Jake LOVED watching Emma on the swing :)

 This little man has a million gorgeous faces ;)

 A little Dirty Dancing moves ;)

 Hubby got the one on the left whilst I was photographing Laila & Gary - love it :)

 Oh this little guy adores his Mama :)

 Laila has one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen! :)
 Hard to believe that this beautiful girl is 10 - she's mature beyond her years :)

 Another super special member of the family - puppy Riley! Cutest little guy :) And I'm led to believe that he and Jake are partners-in-crime ;)
 Maggie is their special nanny who's looked after Jake since he was a little baby - he adores her :)

 Riley likes to bite - much to the amusement of the kids ;)
 Little needle-like puppy teeth are no joke!

 Everyone piled onto the trampoline - including Riley ;)

 Such a gorgeous couple - and clearly still got it :)

 Us dig in a pot plant? Never ;)

 Emma is so photogenic :)

 Adore this one :)
 Very well-behaved little guy :)

 Handsome Gary and gorgeous Laila! :)


  1. What a beautiful family. You captured their love for each other so perfectly!

  2. wow! Tiffany - these are just exquisite - you are a truly talented artist! thank you again for a beautiful morning!