Friday 5 October 2012

Caitlyn & Charlie | 23 September 2012 | The Range

I don't know where to start to explain just how profoundly special this day was. I guess I'll start with the weather. Remember Caits and Charlie's e-shoot back in June? Like, winter June where we had a gorgeous sunny day? You'd think September would be a safer bet. And yet, September 23 dawned as a very wet and rainy day. I was worried everyone would be stressed and disappointed, but when I arrived with Caits where she was getting ready, she was the epitome of calm. Like radiantly, beautifully, ready-to-marry-the-love-of-my-life calm. And that defined the day.

Surrounded by their nearest and dearest, with the rain storming against the windows of the log cabin, Caits & Charlie promised to love each other, promised to create a life of happiness & as we watched them gaze into each others eyes, it was like there was no one else in the room. Seriously, the connection these two share is so beautiful - when you look at them together they move as one, instinctively, so attuned to the presence of the other. It's clear that part of each of them resides deep beneath the skin of the other, and wow I feel privileged to have been tasked with capturing that :)

Dearest Caits & Charlie, thank you from the very bottom of my heart for choosing me to photograph your wedding - such a beautiful, sacred occasion filled with happiness, hope and more love than I can explain. Your love makes me believe in the good in life, in fairytales & in happily-ever-after :)

Much love

You can see the rain lashing the windows behind Caits' exquisite dress

 Caits beautiful custom-made shoes
 Something blue and something old - her mom's pearl bracelet :)

 Essential wedding day supplies ;)

 The most beautiful, sweetest group of bridesmaids :)
 Love these :)
 Dress shenanigans ;)

 Caits' precious gran :)

 I think this happens at most weddings ;)

 This was a gorgeous moment
 Everyone marveling at the beauty

 My camera fell in love!

 Gah! I die :)

 Caits Dad seeing her for the first time :)

 So so very beautiful 

 3 generations of gorgeous ladies!

 Meanwhile the men gathered at the grooms table

 The decor was done so beautifully

 Scrabble elements :)

 The men graciously trekked out in the drizzle for some photos

 The ceremony was originally to be held outdoors, but moved inside due to the torrential rain - it worked beautifully and was wonderfully cosy :)
Messages on the beautiful chuppah :)

 7 beautiful circles :)

 Blessing the rings

 Charlie stomping the extra-strength glass ;)

The Leslie clan :)
 The Gottschalk clan :)

 Seriously good-looking bridal party!

 The boys dutifully handed over their jackets to the freezing ladies ;)

 Making an early start on the crazy dance moves ;)

 You can't tell, but it was windy and freezing! Caits & Charlie pulled it off in true style and looked gorgeous doing it :)

 Oh sometimes a kiss is beautiful before it even happens!

 Beautiful, beautiful Caits :)

 Teehee the gale force wind blew Caits dress over them!

 Dear Brides - gumboots in case of cold/mud are the best choice you'll make :)

 She glows under the light of his love

 The Israeli dancing was amazing!
 Brave brave men!

 Hehe ;)

 Post-exertion cool-down ;)

 The gorgeous cake!

 Hilarious speech!

 Freaking awesome ;)

Awesome Service Providers
Dress: Viola Chan
Suit: Woolworths
Bridesmaids dresses: Monsoon
Makeup Artist: Saskia Buxton from MAC
Hair: Francis
Decor: 4 EveryEvent
Florist: Little Denmark
Videographer: Nicky Flebert from Mercury Productions
Shoes: Coast & Koi
Photographers assistant: The ever-awesome Ross Burnham :)


  1. Oooh my word Tiffs! You did such a fabulous, magnificent job of capturing this wedding. These images are just divine & wowzers you rock hey!! So proud of you. Caitlin & Charlie look so happy & you are a phenomenal photographer!

  2. Words fail me... Caits is so absolutely stunning. Radiant. They definitely shine together. You really captured some of the most beautiful images. It's like I was there. Part of the experience. How wonderful.