Tuesday 25 June 2013

Shan, Allan & their beautiful bump :)

So I'm a little biased. Ok, maybe a lot ;) But these two? They're going to make the best parents :) And Shan? She's the most beautiful pregnant lady I've ever seen :) The fact that she's one of my very dearest friends is just coincidence ;)

But seriously, Shan & Allan were the first people I ever photographed for real - back when I didn't know what exposure really was, how to pose people, before my camera felt like an extension of my arm :) It was such a privilege to photograph this next exciting milestone in their lives :)

They stay all the way in Canada, and were out here for a visit - and I may or may not have bullied them into taking these pictures ;) Allan was very gracious, and even helped with directing Shan and setting up shots ;)

Shan & Allan - love you guys millions :) Your precious baby is going to be too gorgeous for words, but more importantly - loved beyond measure :)

Lots of love

 Shan has this giggle - we all know it well, it's beautiful and so very 'Shan' :)

 Oh this bump :) :) :)

 Oh Shan my dearest, you are freaking gorgeous and glow-y :)

 The precious giraffe 'Rafie' was made by our talented friend Jess - amazing hey?!
 On the left - Shan's idea, and then Allan's setup on the right, hehe ;)

 Allan's idea - light vs dark ;) Hubby would have loved to have added flash here ;)

 Beautiful lady!

 Treasured :)

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  1. Robyn (one of Rafie's biggest fans!)25 June 2013 at 12:43

    Such precious pictures! - well done Tiffs, Shan and Allan.
    Love number 019 - looks like a perfect combination of SA and Canada in one picture (SAfrican fynbos, Canadian pines, mountainous skyline of both) ;)