Sunday 26 May 2013

The Extended Leslie Family | Tokai Forest

You may remember Caitlyn & Charlie's faces from their stunning wedding last year :) I feel super privileged to have had the opportunity to document so many of their happy occasions so I was overjoyed when she contacted me to do a photo shoot for her lovely Mom's birthday :)

The gentlemen cooperated very graciously with the ladies' planning for the dress code and location, and we spent an awesome couple of hours traipsing about the forest :) You'd be hard-pressed to find a lovelier group of people, or good-looking I might add :) Add 2 adorable kiddo's to the mix, and you've got a grand recipe for fun :)

Here are just a few favorites :)

This little guy stole the show - cutie pie!

 Loves his Uncle Charlie :)
 The lovely Jenny and hubby Keith - who scored major points cracking out the good looks for this shoot :)
 Bryce loves his Gogo!
 Gorgeous family!!

 One by hubby :)

 Such stunners!

 3 generations of beautiful women :)

 This little poppet is too precious for words :)
 Die manne :)

 Bryce is so precious with his 'baba' :)

 A whole lotta laughs :)

 Adore this :)
 Man these 2 just get more gorgeous with time!! :)

 The lovely engaged couple who are going to rock their wedding photos having had a little practice! :)
 The Originals :)

 The brave jumpers :)

 Oh she is edibl-y gorgeous!

 This kid has energy like no other ;)

 Heehee his face here just kills me ;)
 Oh gorgeous madam :)
 Angie has my utmost respect - raising two kids, renovating a house and making it all look easy! :)

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  1. Absolutely love these photos!! Thank you so much for capturing the four generations of our family... it really is so special to us :)