Tuesday 4 June 2013

The Cook/van den Broek Family

 You may remember Natalie's lovely face from Jus & Simon's wedding back in January :) Back then she was the most beautiful pregnant lady & little Olly stole the show as the precious ring bearer :) I was super excited when Jus contacted me to book a shoot for their family + newborn Sebastian.

Sebastian is the most gorgeous newborn baba, and Olly is possibly the smartest and most enchanting little boy in the world! He and I got along like a house on fire :) The tenderness and gentleness that Natalie mothers her children with is truly beautiful to see - what an inspiration :)

It was such a privilege to photograph this lovely family - here are a few of my favorites :)

Perfect little Sebastian :)
 Olly is so gentle with his little brother 'Bastian'

 John is a brilliant Dad and A-grade nappy changer!
 This is precious Olly packing away his clothes :)

 The gorgeous little family of 4!
 I just adore Olly's face in the one on the left here :)

 Cuddles with Mom :)

 A big love for Mommy :)

 Seriously, Natalie & John make the best-looking kids!

 Perfect little boy feet :)
 This little guy stole my heart completely :)

 We ended off with Olly and Dad reading a book together - I wish I had a sound clip of the preciousness! :)


  1. Such gorgeous photos Tiffany. But such a gorgeous family to work with! <3

    1. Thank you so much lovely! And I TOTALLY agree - seems impossible that people can be this gorgeous :) xx