Saturday 26 January 2013

Justine & Simon | 12 January 2013 | Silvermist

You'll remember Jus & Simon from their blossom-orchard engagement shoot with their fur babies :) Well, here is their beyond spectacular wedding! Seriously, I don't think I have ever laughed so much from behind my camera :) Theirs was a day filled with joy, laugh-out-loud moments & pure unadulterated happiness :) From the moment I walked in through the door to Jus's room, where the ladies were giggling and bustling about doing last minute prep, I felt a deep sense of the special relationships these two have.

I have also never heard such hilarious speeches - honestly, Simon's groomsman Thor delivered a speech that left everyone with tears of laughter running down their faces ;)

Jus & Simon, thank you eternally for the honor of choosing me to capture your beyond-awesome wedding - I know you guys are going to share a lifetime of love & adventure!
Love Tiffs

The Occasion did a spectacular job with the decor!

 Jus's awesome bridesmaid Francesca did all the graphic design 

 The coolest idea - a Jenga set as a 'guestbook' - now every time they play they'll be able to read the love messages from their friends and family :)
The gorgeous cake by Kanya Hunt

 Simon is an attorney, so no ordinary suit would do ;)

 This rocks ;)

 It's becoming a bit of a tradition for me to spiders at weddings - perhaps they're good luck?

 Tres suave Simon!

 A seriously handsome group of gentlemen!

 The beautiful handmade ring box :)

 Jus's dreamy Elbeth Gillis gown :)
 And these shoes?!?! Hello.

 Goooorgeous tulips

 Ah this lady - too too beautiful for words :)

 The whole day we were blessed with such beautiful light!

 These shoes = instant sass ;)

 Jus and the adorable flower girls :)
 Beautiful bridesmaids!
 The Cook-sisters :)

 Winner by hubby :)

 Oh my word - Jus's nephew Olly carried the rings down the aisle - how totally adorable is he?!

 The rings were passed around on a ribbon for everyone to bless them - beautiful

 Confetti shenanigans!

 Some family photo outtakes ;)

 Darned good-looking bridal party!

At the tope of the estate is the most beautiful forest & road - photographers heaven :)

 Heehee :)

 Jus has the most beautiful infectious giggle - and Simon luckily makes her laugh often :)

 The gorgeous bling :)

 Oh it was a dream photographing these two :)

 The venue with all the candles lit was even more magical :)

 The range of reactionary facial expressions was priceless ;)

 Thor's speech - I wish I could quote it for you, but the reactions work pretty well ;)

 Beautiful soft, abundant lighting makes such a difference! These were shot at iso 3200 at f2.2 and I love them :)

 Award for best cake-cutting facial expressions!
 Garter removal over such impressive shoes is no mean feat ;)
Most hilarious bouquet catch ;)

 And some epic dance moves to end off the night :)

Awesome Service Providers

Dress - Elbeth Gillis
Bridesmaids dresses - Fascinating Julia
Decor - The Occasion
Cake - Kanya Hunt
DJ - Your DJ
Makeup & Hair - Powder Puff
Suit - Jeffrey Jacobs

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  1. I love everything about this wedding - most especially the photography! :) You really captured each special moment. The happiness. The laughter. The tears. The precious moments. This is a great set of photos! Amazing, Tiffz. Amazing!