Sunday 7 October 2012

Justine & Simon in Love | Grabouw | Engagement

In the midst of all the beautiful life events I've been blessed enough to capture, I feel like the luckiest person in the world to do what I do! Seriously :)

Case in point - meet Justine & Simon :) They are gorgeous. And so very much in love. And absolutely precious when you put them into a blossom orchard along with their fur babies. Oh yes, we had two adorable extras join us on their shoot - their 'kids' Dennis & Ringo. Who will steal your hearts right away!

I'm so fortunate to be capturing Juz & Simon's wedding in January - and I cannot WAIT!! Juz is going to make the most beautiful bride, and Simon a very suave dashing groom (with a priceless range of facial expressions ;) ).

*The hugest thank you to lovely Tamalin Braun who made the bunting & doggie bow ties and supplied the super cute popcorn containers :) *

Blossoms, bunting & love

 Ringo is a complete shmodel - one look at the camera and he was sold ;) And he couldn't resist photo bombing several shots, hehe ;)

 Juz, Simon and the kids ;) 

 How perfect is Juz's top between the white blossoms?!

 Seriously beautiful lady!
 Dennis was trying to protect Mom from some imaginary foes

 Gah! Too too beautiful!

 Ringo decided to show us how brave he is by savaging a branch ;)

 These two all loved up between the blossoms is too much :)

 They both have the most gorgeous eye colors - seriously, it's a little difficult to see the full effect here, but having zoomed in up close during editing Juz has the most gorgeous green/hazel eyes & Simon sea green :) I'm a smidgen eye-obsessed ;)
 Juz's beautiful ring!
 Seriously well done Simon :)
 Juz is queen of the foot-pop kiss!

 Image by hubby of the gorgeous farm :)
 It's like they model every weekend ;)
 Oh Juz, you are too much :)

 Another one by hubs :)
 *sigh* :)

 And then I won Juz's heart over by unpacking the popcorn - this gal is, like me, a MAJOR popcorn fan! 

 Popcorn is not share-able ;)

 I think what I said was 'Kiss her like she's leaving on a train!!' 
 Total rockstars - willing to lie down on the train tracks for the crazy photographer ;)
 Hubs diffused the crazy harsh light and I love the soft glow it created :)
 Simon working it :)
 Teehee Dennis' face is priceless ;)

 Cutest family :)
 These two of Ringo make me giggle - he's SUCH a poser ;)
 Ok, so the man can PLAY!! 
 Juz is too cute when she laughs :)

 And then we played throw-the-popcorn-at-the-photographer - it was my idea ;)
 It felt like a hateful waste of popcorn ;)

 Simon is now a twirling pro ;)
 Love love love the colors and this shot :)

 See! Look at the man's eyes ;)

 Ringo then got camera shy and proceeded to love Dad to slobbery oblivion ;)
 And then they settled for a family shot ;)

 And I'll end with these two of the stunning Juz - girl you are going to make the most beautiful bride :)

P.S. My hubby is a rockstar, seriously ;) He carries all the heavy bags, neutralizes disasters, and on special occasions, makes friends with and wrangles the mini-creatures. I personal think Dennis & Ringo were fairly stoked to find a new uncle ;) 


  1. These are stunning!! You've captured them entire family so beautifully! The pics on the train tracks with the popcorn are my favourite! What a special day!

  2. You had me at the bunting...(hee hee) and the cherry blossom orchard....ahhh all so incredibly beautiful!

  3. Oh my! Such a lovely shoot. This couple really did know how to work it. Really stunning. And the orchard was breathtaking!