Tuesday 29 January 2013

Kate & Nic | Love Shoot | Tokai Forest

I loved everything about this shoot :) Kate & Nic happen to be some of the nicest, most laid-back people I've had the privilege to spent time with :) Oh, and they happen to be utterly crazy about each other!! Seriously, it's precious to see how each of them builds the other up so much - Kate even told me in one of her emails that whilst she feels she isn't photogenic, her handsome fiancĂ© certainly is. Well, you'll see from the photos of her that Nic isn't the only gorgeous model! ;) 

I cannot wait for their wedding in March!!! :) Until then, here are some of my favorite images from their  awesome shoot!

They graciously traversed a ditch and some wire to land these - thanks for being brave! :)

 I adore how tender Nic is with Kate, & how clearly he adores her :)

 Kate's laugh is infectious :)

Mr Suave & Handsome himself ;)

 And equally gorgeous Kate :)

 Nic is a serious biker - the man has got moves!! 

 The light at this location was freaking amazing!!
 Oh go on Kate ;)

 10/10 ;)

 I love this :) Perfect, dainty feet :)

Kate's beautiful ring - you did good Nic!

 And then we had an outfit change :)
 And an impromptu grass bouquet ;)
 Beautiful beautiful Kate - who is even more gorgeous when she laughs at Nic's teasing :)

 La-la-love :)

 Oh to be loved like this :) There can be no greater joy!

I spotted this rad tree from way off & pictured this immediately :)

We had the bike there and all, so of course had to do a few stunt shots ;)
 Nothing too hectic, as we want Nic in one piece for the big day! My hubby has already set up a bro-date for some extreme sports photography ;) Post-wedding of course!
 Bravery amongst the crickets!

 And some flash shots :)

 Oh they were clearly just made for this & each other :)
 An obligatory bum shot ;)

 And some dusk motion shots to finish :) Thanks so much K&N for being so patient! 


  1. Bleedin gorgeous, tha both of ya, and as a couple you are spellbindingly beautiful. All the best on your big day.
    Hugs and kisses
    from Ian and Laura in Spain