Wednesday 16 January 2013

Exquisite Caitlyn | Boudoir

Oh I can't tell you how exciting it is to share this shoot with you all!! Caits & I plotted this as a surprise for her now-husband as her wedding gift to him, & beautiful Caits braved some seriously cold & windy conditions to land these images :)

I was in photographers heaven - this jaw-achingly gorgeous lady, amazing locations & a suitcase full of lingerie - we had an absolute ball :)

For me the most special part of doing a boudoir shoot is getting to show a girl just how beautiful she is - as ladies I think we're all quick to point out our flaws & insecurities. It's a gift to see yourself how the rest of the world sees you - graceful. elegant. feminine. flawless. And the most beautiful thing? The smile, the confidence, of a woman who is loved beyond measure :) This is Caits, & I hope you love these images of her as much as I do!

The hugest thank you, precious Caits & your man Charlie, for your permission to share these :)
Love Tiffs

You can see their wedding here
& engagement shoot here

So beautiful - like an exotic princess from a land and time far away :)

 With a completely perfect bum!! :)
 So so beautiful :)

 Caits has the most beautiful, soulful eyes :)
 Super elegant hands from dancing as a ballerina for many years :)

 Perfect foot arches too :)

 One of my absolute favorites :)

 This is one of the top contender favorites of mine & Caits :) :)

 Caits was so flipping brave in the cold & wind, which made for some spectacular images :)

 Dry grass, lace & beautifully bronzed skin makes for an unbeatable formula :)

 La-la-love this!

 Caits brought along Charlie's shirt & I love the vibrant colors against her coloring :)

 And we ended off with some cute cheeky ones with white undies & boots :)


  1. i am so lucky to have such a beautiful wife!

    thanks tiff for the awesome life long gift

  2. Totally gorgeous. Caits, you are an absolute beauty and Tiffs the shots are so elegant and feminine!