Sunday 10 June 2012

Caitlyn & Charlie in Love | E-shoot

Caitlyn & I met when we studied together at university - I remember her always standing out for her bubbly personality and gracefulness :) Caits & Charlie crossed paths in 2008 and have been inseparable ever since. I can say, with complete honesty that after spending 2 hours with these two lovely people, I have seldom seen a better 'fit' :) Charlie dotes on her - is sweet and teasing, rather a lot naughty but also incredibly tender. And Caits in return appears to just melt into his arms - literally and figuratively. You can tell when people have a complete, unwavering trust in one another and it is a beauty and privilege to witness :)

We spent a beautiful winter afternoon wandering around UCT and then Bakhoven beach, and as you'll see there were many many giggles ;) Oh and kisses, lots of those too :)

Caits & Charlie, thank you SO much for the honor of choosing me to photograph your love - cannot wait for your wedding in September :) xx

The light at UCT is gorgeous - as is the architecture and these two :)

 Thanks for being a rockstar Charlie and doing the crazy-girl-invented poses ;)

 I can't even explain the smile I had on my face whilst editing these - I'm sure you understand why :) :) :)

 Scrabble plays a very special part in Caits & Charlie's lives - they are both avid players and take a small travel set with them wherever they go. Charlie, being the mastermind that he is, proposed to Caits by writing the Big Question on a Scrabble board whilst they were holiday-ing in Zanzibar :) Serious points right?! And an awesome excuse to use scrabble as part of their shoot :)

 Spot the subtle photo bomber in the back ;)

 UCT has the most beautiful ivy out this time of year :)

 They were awesomely up for anything - even doing a wild jump off a windowsill! 10/10 for execution guys!

 Charlie's dad's Jag :)
 Heehee, there's a funny story to go with this shot but is PG so will leave it untold ;)

 Taken  by my hubby :)
 Adore the colors and love here :)

 I think it is such a beautiful thing to share your life with your best friend, who also happens to make you laugh your butt off all the time :)
 We then headed off to the beach where we were blessed with the most beautiful evening light
 It's those quiet moments....

 The most beautiful sun flare :)

 Because all boys love the hands on the bum shot, honestly though it is a good excuse ;)

 Beautiful CT :)

 The water was a smidge cold ;)

 Beautiful beautiful Caits :)

 Such a stunner of a couple!

 You can just see Charlie said something naughty here ;)

 Love love love the feeling in these :)
 And this one :)

 A bit of a hike to land these! 
 Ended off with a few flash shots to showcase the beautiful mountains :)

 Gorgeous Caits & handsome Charlie :)


  1. WOW!!! you have completely blown us away - we absolutely LOVE these photographs and we feel beyond blessed to have someone as spectacular as you capture our love - a big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

  2. These are so incredible. Such a great range of emotions. Sweet, funny, cute, smouldering (hehe), quiet, innocent, cheeky... lovely looking couple and gorgeous lighting (not to mention an amazing photographer and assistant). Can not wait to see the wedding pics guys! x

  3. Soooo beautiful!!! I just adore this one the most: It is gorgeous! :)

  4. Wow Tiffs this is really amazing! Just a reminder why you are so special and irreplaceable.

  5. ahhhhh this shoot looks like it was so much fun :) beautifully romantic images Tiffs!

  6. Wow! This is one of your best shoots ever, Tiffs! Doesn't hurt to have one of the most gorgeous couples ever seen!!! Caits reminds me of Brooke Shields. No wonder he wants to kiss her all the time :) Wow!!! Well... Wow! That's all.

  7. You capture love beautifully Tiffs! Love the photos at the beach xx