Tuesday 18 December 2012

Tammy & Dominique (+ baby-on-the-way) | UCT

Tammy & Dominique are dear friends of Justine & Simon, whose engagement shoot you may remember from earlier this year. Sweetheart Jus contacted me to book a baby bump shoot as a gift for them :) Tammy & Dominique are precious - seriously, not only gorgeous, their quiet love is a blessing to behold. The way they love each other is simply beautiful - their baby boy who is on the way is going to have the most amazing parents!

They also brought along their gorgeous little doggies - Ralph & Mungo, who were a smidge overwhelmed by all the hullabaloo to start with, but settled into their 'modeling' roles smoothly :)

Tammy & Dominique, I wish you a thousand blessings for your journey to parenthood - your little guy is a lucky one indeed!

Love Tiffs

Mungo decided to stop in the middle of the road ;)

 How gorgeous is Tammy's dress?

 I love how Dominique looks at Tammy - and how he teases her and makes her smile :)

 This little guy is loved so very much already!

 The long grass was a little overwhelming for the doggies - you can't see Mungo in the photos, but he was giving the 'Dad HELP!' eyes ;)

 Such a happy little family :)

 I asked Dominique for a little ' Blue Steel' here ;)

 How flipping beautiful is Tammy?! Seriously

 Going to be the best Mama :)

 Earlier I'd seen a ton of dandelions growing alongside the road, luckily Tammy is also a major dandelion fan!

 Handsome, well-behaved Mungo :)
 Hehe little Ralph is a little more excitable - more interested in a stick than his modeling moment ;)

 Such a beautiful bump!

 So clearly still crazy about each other :)
 Tammy loves water, so we made a plan to get down to the dam, which thankfully is looking beautiful after a serious period of dryness!

 Love this :)

 Ralph decided he needed to be a little closer to the action!
 Love Dominique's sense of humor ;)

 Appropriately, there was a mama goose and her 10 goslings in the water :)

 And I'll end with this one, because I love the simplicity, serenity and 'sure-ness' of it :)


  1. Tiffs these are incredible, what glorious emotion, love and tenderness! A beautiful gift to this lovely couple, but also such a treasure for their little baby - images like these are a definite must-have for any expecting parents. Oh... and the dandelions... don't even get me started on the dandelions!