Monday 10 December 2012

Benson & Annie | 'Wedding' | Stellenbosch

This post continues on from yesterdays post on Benson & Annie's engagement shoot :) They're getting married in China at the end of this month, but wanted some beautiful wedding portraits to take to their receptions to show their guests. They wanted these images to showcase the beauty of traditional Cape Dutch architecture and some gorgeous blooms. And, as Annie will be wearing a traditional gown for their ceremony, she was on the hunt for a dress to wear - so you may recognize the beautiful dress in these images because it's mine ;) I think it must have shrunk in the wash after our trash the dress shoot in the ocean, as she is perfectly tiny, but it was lucky happenstance and she looked exquisite in it :)

We spent the most amazing afternoon traipsing around Stellenbosch, soaking in all the beauty on offer :) And these two? Perfect together & darned good-looking to boot! 3 hours of unlimited creativity was a gift to my photographer's heart :) It is an honor to bear witness to two people's obvious love, joy, excitement and journey - it floors me every time...

Benson & Annie, I can't thank you enough for the honor of choosing me as your photographer - wishing you the most amazing wedding back home & a lifetime of happiness ahead :)
P.S can't WAIT to see the 'proper' wedding photos :)
Love Tiffs

Annie's hair & makeup was done by the phenomenal Ida Webster - 100% recommend her! :)

I squealed like I piglet when I saw this jacaranda tree!

 I adore how Benson looks at Annie, and the tenderness between them :)

 Suuuper suave!

 And oh, beautiful, dainty, perfect Annie - I don't have words for your exquisite beauty! :)

 Annie's beautiful ring! Benson proposed atop Table Mountain in front of a fair few people - Annie blushed preciously whilst telling the story ;)
 Annie loved the idea of taking some photos in a manicured rose garden - thank heavens the Magistrate's Court was protected enough from the gale force winds last week that the rose-heads were still intact :)
 A beautiful one by my hubby :)

 I think she may have worn my dress better than I did ;)

 Love this :)


 We then popped over to Bosman's crossing for some more contemporary locations ;)

 Hehe ;)
 Vogue model much?

 So so so beautiful!


 Credit to Ross for the idea behind these :)

 Couldn't resist the light here :)

 Stopped by a random bougainvillea hedge - SO worth it :)
 Gah too much! :)

 Benson had seen a 'kiss-flare' shot I'd taken and loved the idea, so here's theirs :D
 We finished up at the train tracks and had THE most beautiful light :)

I la-la-love veils :) :) Like a lot!
 My heart melts over this :) One of my most favorite images ever

 And to end, a shot of Annie's gorgeous shoes :)


  1. You are so amazing! What a beautiful shoot!

  2. Incredible. LOVE that Jacaranda tree and the Jacaranda "bokeh" behind her on the floor, it is just too die for.
    I was thinking how incredible Robertson must be right now with all those Jacaranda streets in full bloom!

  3. wow tiffs! this is my absolute favourite post of yours! :) so many briiilliant images girlie!

  4. What an absolutely darling couple. I have too many favorite shots to list! Wow! Annie is flat out gorgeous. They will be very proud to show off all the lovely pictures of themselves in such beautiful locations. Good one!