Monday 31 December 2012

Gillian & Charles | 18 December 2012 | Buitenverwachting

Gillian & Charles' wedding was the most beautifully relaxed day - a true representation of who they are individually and as a couple :) They both spent the morning getting ready at the beautiful home they share (and just finished renovating!). When I arrived it was to the most amazingly chilled atmosphere - Gillian sitting in a chair having the talented Alicia Buckle do her hair and makeup, whilst Charles sorted out last minute things. 

Their ceremony was no less, with them exchanging vows beneath the beautiful oak trees at Buitenverwachting whilst their nearest and dearest looked on. No frills or fuss was the order for the day, with just one speech in which Charles thanked all their guests for coming & sweetly teased Gillian :) The rest of the afternoon was spent picnic-ing under a massive monkey-puzzle tree, with hilarious banter & a whole lot of laughter :)

Gillian, you are so incredibly beautiful, especially when you laugh :) And Charles, it is incredible to see your quiet love for Gillian and how well you guys complement each other. Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your gorgeous wedding - I know you guys will have an amazing marriage :)
Love Tiffs

Gillian's beautiful dress!
The perfect shoes for a picnic wedding :) And the gorgeous bouquet!
Perfect accessories :)
Sweetheart Alicia who did Gillian's makeup and hair :)
Gillian & Charles have two precious ridgebacks - Phoebe & Jack, who eagerly presided over all the preparations ;)

Gillian's mom is precious, here they were all having a fat giggle over a funny family story ;)

Gillian and her daddy :)

Beautiful Gillian, getting teased by her brother Simon ;)

Seriously too gorgeous for words :)

Phoebe had to make sure Mom was fine, what with all the unusual fuss!

Love love love this ;)
Beautiful ceremony details, with a complimentary ridgeback ;)
A quick moment with the pastor before it all gets started

Gillian found herself unexpectedly overwhelmed in the moment - beautiful :)

Heehee gotta love a dad who high-fives his baby girl at the end of the aisle ;)

 Some super proud family!

 Sucah happiness - Gillian is so so beautiful when she laughs, which she does often :)

 Teehee, some family portrait outtakes ;)

 Taking pictures is not a number 1 favorite for either of them, but the camera loved them like crazy! :)

 Hehe, love Charles' face in this one ;)
 Any couple who's willing to jump off a wall on their wedding day gets my respect ;)
 Handsome & suave :)

 The grounds around Buitenverwachting are beautiful :)

 Seriously, they don't think they're good models, but actually they're brilliant :)

 So beautiful :)

 Their were gorgeous blankets with cushions for the guests to sprawl on :)
 Delicious food
 Yummy red velvet cupcakes

 The cupcakes were a big hit!

 Coordinating socks of course ;)

 This doggy got a whole lotta love!
 Cuti pie!

 Such a beautiful day! 

Awesome Service Providers
Makeup & Hair - Alicia Buckle
Dress - Desray
Suit - Woolworths
Assistant - my dashing hubby :)

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  1. Now this looks like so much fun! What a beautiful couple. Definitely wonderful models. I am particularly smitten with the bouquet! Mmmm.