Saturday 22 September 2012

Styled shoot | Canola Love - Lauren & Riaan | Styled by Tam

So, as you'll know from our previous adventures - lovely Tam & I have some crazy dreams ;) What's even more fun than dreaming things up together, is putting those crazy ideas into practice ;) Tam had an amazing idea for a beautiful canola field love shoot - with letters & pinwheels & red & all kinds of fantastical ideas :) Enter Lauren & Riaan (you may remember her from her beautiful boudoir shoot ;) ) who too have always wanted a canola field shoot :) That + a beautiful Spring day + a gorgeous field of canola + a ton of beautiful props by Tam = these lovely images :)

The hugest thank you's go to:
Tam, La & Riaan for sweating it out (it was HOT) and being such troupers - carrying things over the fence, posing in the heat, setting everything up :) You guys rock!
Tam for all the beautiful props and for planning & setting everything up like a true pro :)
La's sister Robyn from Velvet Cake Company for the beautiful red velvet, meringue-iced cupcakes

Yes, Tam made all those pinwheels!
 So gorgeous :)

 Our beautiful field :) If you look closely you might be able to see the myriad of bees that were happily buzzing away ;)
 All conjured up by Tam :) And thanks to Riaan for lugging the desk and typewriter across the field!
 Ah these two make my heart smile :)
 They compliment each other perfectly - La the perfect lady, never a hair out of place & such a sweet gentle should :) And Riaan, ever so slightly naughty, sporty, strong & clearly besotted with his wife :)
 Gah beautiful!
 Tam adjusting the flower crown which she made and kept alive in the 35 degree heat!

 You can't quite see it - but it was as hot as the surface of the sun! And these two still rocked it out :)

 This lady is so beautiful it makes my heart stop :) As Riaan said when I showed him these images on the back of my camera 'OH MY BEAVERS UNCLE!!!' hehe ;)

 Glowing with love :)
 So Tam made a kite (naturally) & Riaan was determined to get it airborne :) Love these ;)

 This shot makes me giggle ;)
 More magical elements by Tam :)
 Red = the perfect complement to the richness of the yellow canola :)

 Riaan chilling with the book of La's shoot whilst La pulled off an outfit change :)

 Oh beautiful girl :)
 x1 heated game of Scrabble ;)

 Tam made up these frames with awesome lyrics from Jason Mraz :)

 Nothing like vintage Scrabble tiles....
 ...& a GIANT ampersand :)

 Love :)
 Beautiful sun flare :)

 There was a whole lotta laughter :) Especially at this point by which it had begun to cool down :)

 I know it's hard to believe, but these tasted even better than they looked! A huge thank you to Robyn from Velvet Cake Company :)

 Composing love letters :)

 Foot pop :)

 La's stunning rings :)

 This was the back-up kite & I have never seen someone so excited to fly a kite ;)
 See?! Heehee ;)

 Licorice war!
 I'm afraid Riaan won by FAR! La only got about 2cm ;)
 Adore this!

 Too freaking gorgeous for words :)

 Teehee, I think this is an awesome image to end off with :)


  1. incredible, incredible!! I can see a LOT of work went into this! And it sure paid off :) Amazing amazing!! x

  2. This shoot is AMAZING. Tiffs lovely, I say it every time, but it never stops being true- you are two hundred(and more)kinds of talented- you have an incredible eye for detail and the way you capture emotion, personality, light and love... it is truly special. The angles at which you snap the shots and the way you select and edit each image with such care, attention and intention... ensuring each image is warm and meaningful (each image has a special message about the people in them). La and Riaan- you two are so gorgeous together- Tiffs said it perfectly when she said you two balance one another- it is so true- the way you so lovingly (and adoringly) accept and support one another is quite something. A big thank you to all three of you for loaning goodies from home and for carrying stuff all over the show and braving the bees :) <3 and another big thank you to Robyn from the Velvet Cake Company (those cupcakes were heavenly!).

  3. This is incredible!
    I absolutely love it! The couple must be so happy with these amazing pictures! What a lovely memory and a beautiful location!

  4. So your models are officially adorable. You outdid yourselves on the styling and the whole thing has me in raptures.

    Then I also had to go and look up reviews of the Dangerous Book for Boys. (Had never heard of it before.) And found that there is also a Daring Book for Girls! What fun. I'll have to get it and Joy and I can try out some of the fun stuff in there!