Friday 21 September 2012

Faseegha & Siraaj | Love Shoot | Theewaterskloof

I can't begin to tell you how excited I was when I received an enquiry email from beautiful Faseegha! First of all, this woman after my own heart uses emoticons ( :) :D ;) ) and MANY exclamation points (!!!), just like overenthusiastic me ;). I smiled my face off reading her email and have smiled every time ever since (and maybe giggle, like a lot) every time I see her name in my inbox :)

I was so excited to finally meet her and her dashing hubby-to-be, and we were privileged to spend a GORGEOUS day traipsing around Theewaterskloof and the surrounding areas :) Faseegha is even more beautiful, bubbly and downright lovely in person and we spent much of the afternoon giggling and scaring the men a little with our crazy lady-chatter ;)

You will see from these images, but Faseegha & Siraaj are beyond beautifully in love - teasingly sweet, laugh with each other & then all of a sudden they look at each other and go quiet. And the way he looks at her.... It is clear that they adore each other :) And it is such a privilege to witness & capture.

I cannot wait to photograph these two special (and freaking stunning!) people on their wedding day :)

Faseegha & Siraaj, thank you SO much for choosing me to capture your special moments, it is an incredibly honor :)

Much love

Yes this is a blossom orchard, and I might have squealed like a little girl when I saw it ;)
 Vogue right?!
 Dashing man & elegance-personified lady :)

 So precious :)
 Work it

 Such beautiful light!

 Oh I love this!

 Siraaj picked her ring out all on his own - isn't it amazingly beautiful?!

 Oh girl you are too freaking beautiful for words!
 Seriously I die!
 F has the most beautiful eyes right?!

 Oozing glamour!
 And Mr GQ ;)
 The sky was beautiful :)
 Siraaj is not hugely fond of the camera, & put up with all the craziness with amazingly chivalry, BUT it's pretty clear that the camera loves him!

 And this girl....I'm running out of words!

 Has a wardrobe to die for and the crazy kind of beauty that can pull anything off :)

 Love how he teases her and how she glows in his adoration :)
 Freaking models!

 Getting down to the waters edge was no mean feat - those bushes that look so pretty?? Spiky like a freaking razor blade! Huge props to these two for braving them!
 But it was worth it :)

 Oh love!

 When I was showing them where to sit, I very inelegantly sat down ONTO one of those Satan bushes - these two pulled it off much better ;) And looked hot doing it!

 This is the face of a girl who is adored and knows it :)

 Smooches + lens flare = happiness!

 Couldn't resist sneaking in another of The Ring ;)
 Va-va-voom! Faseegha, as you've seen, brought along the most gorgeous outfits!
 And we caught the last of the beautiful evening light :)

 And a little kiss-flare!

 I love these two - she's a little crazy (good crazy. my mind of crazy) and he indulges her ;)

 We had a few kind farmers (one of whom had alpacas in his truck!) stop to ask if we needed help ;)

 Perfect, beautiful stillness & love
 And of course, the only thing that could end the day better was THIS cracker of a sunset :)


  1. LOVE that orchard!!! Wow! So stunning! She has such a pretty smile. You seriously have the best job ever! Getting to capture the love people share over and over again! :)

  2. soooo many absolutely gorgeous images Tiffs well done girlie! love love love them!

  3. I'm running out of superlatives. (I'm sure you know I'm going backwards through your shoots, as I always do, since I'm never sure where I left off. Apparently I left off a long time ago). Anyway, Faseegha has gorgeous eyes and luscious lips. The 2 together are magic. Wow!!!