Sunday 29 July 2012

Treasures Shoot | Styled with Tam

So, you may remember the styled shoot I did with the lovely Tamalin a few weeks ago, with all of our lovely bling :) Well, as it turns out it just gave us more ideas, which of course we had to re-group to put into action ;) This time, we decided to make it a 'free-for-all' of any lovely treasures, including bling, that make us smile!

We had the most amazing afternoon putting little sets together in Tam's backyard and rambling about her complex accosting all the flowers that are blooming so beautifully :) A dead shrew and an attention-seeking kitty may also have been involved ;)

Beautiful Babushka's
 Adore Tam's vintage teddy :)
 My new obsession - sea foam green! Added to a branch with the most stunning lichen!
 Adore the textures here!

 Tam and I also share a current obsession with tan - love the colors here!

 Tam is also a fellow adore-er of dandelions - this one she has saved for weeks, isn't it toooo beautiful?

 This letterpress card makes my heart beyond happy!
 The colors here are magical...
 Green + gold just works
 An ancient b&w print of my Mom, with her rings :)
 I had this beautiful lace lingerie robe made up by the phenomenal lady who made my wedding dress, Magda Grove. It's available for boudoir shoots ;)
 Rotting tree stumps make for the most beautiful texture!

 Finding beauty in unexpected places ;)

 Adore this deep purple
 Such vibrance!

 These two plants look like Who's from Whoville

 Beautiful winter skies!
 Lesson of the day - fabric must be ironed for backdrops! And skinny stripes induce nausea 
 A little teatime love

 Tam's nutcracker man :)
 Maps + bling - can't go wrong!
 Vintage love :)


  1. Candice Lombard30 July 2012 at 06:59

    Love it you two! Such exciting stuff you are doing! Keep at it! xxx

  2. Tiffs, my darling friend. I feel truly blessed and am so grateful to know such a wonderful artist (and talented professional) like yourself. I LOVE these images and the way you grouped certain images together- it is just too much- you have such an incredible eye. So happy :) <3 And Candy, thank you lovely, always wonderful to have such lovely encouragement from the people we adore! :) xx