Sunday 15 January 2012

The Van Eedens | Family | Vermont

The Van Eedens are good friends of Katrien & Francois, whom you may remember from their shoot with their precious baby boy Andreas, you can check out their images here

Now, call me a little bit silly, but I hadn't previously heard of Vermont, the gorgeous little seaside village (just outside of Hermanus) where their BEAUTIFUL holiday home has just been built. And wow, it is exquisitely built, and decorated, as well as being a home full of love and laughter. They also happen to be a strikingly good-looking family, which you'll see in the images below.

We spent a wonderful evening taking photos around their beautiful home and then clambered down the massive dune outside their house down to the beach, where we fought against the wind to keep hair etc. in place (we mostly won the battle ;) ). 

I hope you enjoy looking through these as much as I enjoyed taking and editing them :)

Three gorgeous girls - Simonne, Sarah & Olivia :)

Oh it's an amazing amount of fun to be a girl!! ;)

Clearly they get their beauty from their lovely mother, Anita :)

And Dad's not half bad-looking either ;)

The beautiful Anita :)

Mom & her girls :)

Beautiful Mr Kitty :)

Still very much in love, so special :)

Papa and his girls :)

Simonne's beautiful friend, Lizl, joined in for some of th ephors - how adorable are these two??

Adore Lizl's face here!! Hehe!

'Vogue-look' and the ensuing giggles ;)

Beautiful family and beautiful home! :)

This is the view they wake up to in the mornings - wow right??

Beautiful girls!

Heehee, Mom & Dad got roped into doing a 'jump' and a 'foot-pop' kiss!

SUCH a stunning family, right?!

The beautiful Livvy (Olivia) the eldest sibling who styled and organized everyone for the shoot - how stunning are her eyes??

The incredibly bubbly Simonne, youngest of the family, who has the most beautiful smile and infectious laugh! :)

And Sarah, the middle girl (can totally relate chica! ;) ) who is incredibly graceful and elegant :)

Oh isn't it grand being a Father of 3 girls! You get roped into all sorts of craziness ;)

So much love :)

Showcasing the beauty of their neighborhood! 

Thank you Van Eedens for being up for anything! Here they did a mad dash down the hill, all for the camera, hehe :)

So aristocratic!

Hehe, these two full of giggles again! 

The girls had the cutest idea of these toweling robes that say 'Gorgeous Diva' down the side - how adorable are they all?

Hehe, a little leg ;)

The girls having a 'Pearl Harbour' moment ;)

More mirror naughtiness ;)

We did this one in memory of those 'all-pile-in-the-bath' moments we can all relate to!

What a view!

Beautiful Livvy in her bedroom, 

Love this last one of all the girls in the swimming pool :)


  1. Oh my the pictures are SO beautiful and so special. Completely captures this crazy special family! And I love the friendship pictures ofcourse! :)

  2. wow...such a lovely photo shoot! What a gorgeous family and I would never have said that is the mom! She looks like one of her daughters!! Totally awesome Tiffs!

  3. ah these are so special well done tiffs!

  4. OMG! This looks like too much fun! Did you feel as if you should have been paying them for the good time? These pictures made me laugh. What a delightful family. Can you take me with you next time you visit??? These pics could be in a Calvin Klein magazine. Totally made my day to see this shoot. I agree with Bonnie... the mom could be another one of the sisters.