Sunday 22 January 2012

Weekend Ramblings | The Importance of Being Photographed

So....I'm sorry for being such an absent blogger, my dear readers! I have no excuse really, other than that it's been a hectic few weeks settling into the new year, and I promise to be better ;)

Today I wanted to share my own experience of being photographed. For me, it's simple - photographs are important, INCREDIBLY important. Last week a friend asked me what I'd grab if my house was burning down. My answers? My husband, my hard drives and my mom's wedding dress. The rest? They're replaceable. Memories? Not so much. And if you're anything like me, the memories fade with time, but photos remind me. For a myriad of reasons, my photos are my treasures - they show me sides of my parents I never knew, they capture how much I love my husband, they capture my friendships, and they pull at my heartstrings :) And sometimes...the photographer is as important as what is captured - a few photographers are artists that stand out, who are so incredibly talented in how they see the world and capture it. 

Now, I decided that for Christmas I wanted to give my hubby a boudoir shoot as a gift. I'd seen Jules Morgan's boudoir work online, and I knew that no one else would do - Jules understands the female body in a way that I've seen no other photographer do, and WOW. I also wanted something beautiful, something celebratory, not something even vaguely smutty, or even particularly 'sexy' I might add - and Jules was definitely the lady for the job :)

When Jules asked me if she could post some of the images, I was a little torn, but in the end I said yes. Why? Because the images Jules produced are beautiful, and although some of the ones that went up are a little 'risqué', I know as a photographer that I would want to be able to share work that I am proud of. That, and the fact that I believe every woman deserves this experience - to have an artist interpret and capture your beauty to remind yourself of it. I'm pretty sure that I have all the same insecurities that other girls have - but I wanted this gift for my hubby, for myself, and also to remind me what my subjects feel when they step in front of my lens. What a valuable lesson, and what a precious gift. 

I think it's so important as a photographer to remember what it feels like to be a subject - it makes you really consider the emotions, the nerves, the mindset :) And also, importantly, what helps you to RELAX and to feel like you can be yourself :) I've long believe that loads of laughter, a little silliness, and a smattering of direction, are what create beautiful 'posed' photographs :)

Here's one of my favorites below :)