Saturday 3 December 2011

Francois, Katrien & Andreas | Family | Beautiful Durbanville Home

Straight off the bat, I have to tell you that these are some of my very favorite images that I've ever taken and I am SO excited to share them with you :) I feel so very privileged to have had the opportunity to have met this precious family :) That is one of my favorite things about my job - I love meeting new people, and I am floored every time by how generous people are with showing their love for my camera, in whatever form it may be.... It is such a blessing for my heart :)

Katrien and Francois had it all -10yrs of an amazing marriage, a thriving business, travel, friends, family. They had decided their lives were complete without children, until last year they thought 'maybe'. And now, a year later, they have been blessed with the most precious little baba - Andreas :) To see their love for each other and this gorgeous wee human was so humbling for me. And I relate to their decision too - hubs and I plan to wait a good 10yrs for our own kiddos, and seeing how well it worked for them blesses my heart immensely :)

Katrien & Francois have built and decorated the most beautiful home, I use the word home specifically as you see so many beautiful houses which just don't feel 'livable'. Not so here - though everything in their home is beautiful, it is wondrously functional too :) And just happens to have the most perfect light streaming in from just about every angle, SUCH a blessing for a light-mad gal like me!

Thank you, dear Du Plessis family, for sharing your joy and love with me :)

Andreas' room is gorgeous, perfect for a little boy :)

Precious baba :)

There's just something about a baby's eyelashes...

I love the map print they chose for his cot!

Teensy, perfect fingers :)

The wonder of being a baby :)

Mom had to put on a serious show to get a flicker of a smile!


Love love love this image :)

And how GORGEOUS is Katrien??

On the day we were joking that these will be Andreas' slideshow shots for his 18th birthday ;) I hope he won't hate us too much - his baby bum is, after all, edible!

Francois gave Katrien this beautiful bracelet when Andreas was born :)

Loove these two :)

The happiest wee family :)

Such a precious bond between Dad and Son!

A very good-looking family indeed ;)

I Love Katrien's frame wall - so many wonderful memories!

Beautiful Mama :)

Nothing like seeing how much a Mother can fall in love with her child :)

Couldn't resist - just a few of my favorite things ;)

How stunning is Haasie?! Those eyes... If I could have stolen her, I would ;) This madam is trained - she only sits on her blankies around the house, who ever thought a cat could be trained?


This is one of my faves.

If you're still as in love as these two are after 10 years of marriage and with an 8 week old baba, you know you have it set!

Too precious :)

I told Francois to whisper something in Katrien's ear, hehehe, love the result!

Engraved on the front door - how awesome?

Mini wine-cellar!


So that Haasie didn't feel left out ;)

And couldn't resist, love this image in B&W too :)


  1. Gorgeous! Your photos tell so many stories of a happy family! Cat is so cute, as well as baby feet :)

  2. Well done Tiff! You should really be so proud of these images. You have a gift....

  3. @Heather, thank you! :)

    @Kath, thank you so much for such a beautiful heartfelt comment, makes my heart incredibly happy! Thank you lovely lady!! :) xx

  4. Babies are amazing. Starting a family is one of life's greatest joy's and you have captured it so well. Gorgeous photo's!

  5. these are incredibly beautiful tiffs! that last one in black and white as well as those of andreas sleeping are simply stunning!

  6. @Bonnie Thank you so much, and indeed, such a blessing :)

    @Nastassja Thank you sooooo much lovely lady!! :) :)

  7. You are so talented, beautiful friend! I have so many 'tiffany shoots' ideas running through my head :)

  8. Ag Jules, you're an angel ;) And adorable to boot!! :) xx

  9. These images brought tears to my eyes!! So beautiful hun!! Your gift at telling the story of love in any form is magical - and your fave shot is def one of my faves, but I have many!! Awesome work!!

  10. Ag you are so incredibly sweet my friend! Thank you soooo much :) xx

  11. OMG! What a gorgeous family! Snugga bugga, I just wanna hugga that darling baby boy!!! I could almost smell him. Him mamma is drop dead gorgeous. What more can I say. Oh yes, their home is amazing. What a great shoot, Tiffs.