Friday 15 March 2013

Weekend Ramblings | So this bun thing...?

Sometimes I have to admit that I suck at being a girl. Like really. My blunt fringe is honestly the biggest  'fashion risk' I've ever taken (barring the time I cut my own hair at the age of 10 & ended up with a mushroom-bob, but that's a story for another day....).

So...when I found This Odd Thing below whilst out shopping, I thought why the heck not? Or knot, haha ;) Turns out it does take a fair amount of patience to wrangle all of ones hair into the correct arrangement. And a good dousing of hair spray and many bobby pins.

I don't know though. It kind of feels like playing dress-up. Or wearing a hat. Many thanks to my hubby for snapping these images in our back yard. There were many 'takes' due to the difficult model, haha! ;)

I still need to find the right occasion to wear it out of the house ;) Thoughts?


  1. I really like it ;)

    Where did you buy the weird looking contraption?

  2. I used one when I was a girl, so they've been around forever. I got a small one to help me get Joy's hair into a bun for her ballet performance and it worked brilliantly. Your hair looks lovely and I suggest a date!!!