Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mornè, Ilana & little Luke | Family | Somerset West & Strand

I have a suuuuper precious family I'd like you to meet :) And the image above is literally one of my favorite ever :)

I know Ilana and her family from waaaaay back when, and I've always known her and her family to be some of the loveliest people around :) Fast forward several years, and here she is with her wonderful husband Mornè and gorgeous little boy Luke :) They moved to Canada recently, and whilst home they wanted some images to remind them of beautiful SA :)

Guys, thank you so much for the honor of photographing your family - you seriously are a good-looking bunch & the beautiful love you share is an inspiration & joy to behold! :)

Love Tiffs

We started off at the beautiful nature reserve :)
Luke was fast asleep when they arrived but soon woke up and got into the swing of things :)

 Flippin' cutie!

 His super cool watch :)

 Gorgeous genes from the parents right?! Seriously, this kid is beyond adorable :) I wish you could hear his precious voice too ;)

 Heehee ;)
 A biiig love/squish for Dad:)
 3. With attitude ;)
 Oh this was a total winner ;) Just btw, Mornè had also cycled the Argus that morning! Total respect.

 The little explorer :)

Cannot actually handle how much I Love this series ;)

 Matching shoes :)

 The wind was unfortunately HOWLING at the beach, but Lukie was so brave :)

 Oh the happiness of childhood :)

 The light was absolutely phenomenal. That, paired with these stunners = photographers heaven :)

 Still so very much in love :)
 See - howling!
 Lookers ;)

 The sunset was gorgeous :)


Ilana's parents joined us for the last bit and I adore these outtakes ;)
 So much love!

 THIS is what Dads are for ;) How priceless is this?! Love it :)

And this last one of the beautiful last-of-the-light, taken by my hubby :)


  1. These images are SO lovely! The way you've captured this family is so wonderful - tender but still playful! Also love the colour co-ordination going on in the outfits :) really enjoyed looking at this family shoot. :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Tiffs. So lovely to see everyone looking so relaxed ...

  3. What a happy chappy! Mom and Dad are gorgeous and have a precious little guy. Very beautiful pictures which I'm sure they will treasure for a lifetime :)