Monday 25 March 2013

Kate & Nic | 16 March 2013 | Blowfish, Bloubergstrand

You may remember these two gorgeous people from their engagement shoot, which you can view here. I don't actually know where to start to describe them and their love - the best I can do is to say that they just 'fit'. Seamlessly. Beautifully. As if they were always meant to be there - holding the other up, complimenting the others personality like two halves of a whole. If there'd been a camera trained on my face the whole day, there may be two minutes where I wasn't grinning like a fool ;) And it's clear that their friends and family feel the same way :)

Their wedding was the perfect representation of them - they trimmed out the superfluous bits and were left with beautiful traditions that suited them. From Nic's seriously rad ring (just wait until you see it!), to his mom making Kate's beautiful dress, to their guests singing as Kate walked down the aisle, everything was a celebration for the joining of these two made-for-each-other hearts. 

Kate & Nic, thank you for the honor of choosing me to capture the happiest day of your lives so far :) I know your lives are going to be filled with more adventure, crazy happiness & love :)

Love Tiffs

 Nic is a sound engineer, and his ring is engraved with the sound byte for 'I do' - how freaking cool?!

 One super-dashing rockstar groom!
 Kate got ready at Nic's parents home :)
Susie, her mom-in-law, made her exquisite dress :)

Susie made the most beautiful pouch to sew into Kate's dress, safely tucking away letters from her parents, too too beautiful.
Kate had dancing shoes and beach shoes :)

 The beautiful and talented Susie! :)

 Oh Kate your heart is precious :)

 The beautiful bridesmaid dresses were also made by Susie :)

too-beautiful-for-words Kate :)

 Ok seriously?! Nic, you are one lucky man :)

 The Blowfish restaurant looked beautiful :)

Kate's big brother walked her down the aisle :)
 The gents were a little nervous ;)

 All smiles and happy moments during the ceremony :)
 Tough to beat a view like that!

The loveliest family! :)

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were an absolute blast to photograph :)

This on the left is a 'bro-hug' ;)

SUCH gorgeous ladies :)

Spectacular jump action!! :)

 These two were a dream to photograph :)

It's beautiful to see the depth of their love for each other :)

And wowzers Kate is too too beautiful for words :) Nic tells her often ;)

Love these :)

The super awesome rings! :)

THIS is the cracker of a sunset CT busted out for us - amazing right?!

The speeches were brilliant :)

Kate & Nic laughed about how they hadn't rehearsed for their first dance - but they seriously rocked it :)

And man, this is a group of people who knows how to DANCE!

We ended off the night with some awesome outdoor shots - love how these came out :)

Service Providers
Florist: Mon Petit Fleur for bouquets
Brides Dress: Susie T
Bridesmaids Dresses & Groomsmen Suits: Susie T
DJ's: Wynand & Daneel (Tony Hawk)
Hair: Lillen Boonzaaier from Lila Vie
Grooms Suit: Mr Taliep


  1. Another beautifully captured wedding Tiffs! The images from this wedding are glorious, the shots of the lovely details (the jewellery on the vintage milk jug, the letter pouch, the shoes, the bouquets), the bridal party pics on the beach and the couple shoot - they are GORGEOUS! A lovely couple and perfectly captured! Well done to you and Ross!

  2. Simplicity and sweetness. A gorgeous couple and most amazing location with Table Mountain in the background!!! I couldn't get enough of it. It looked like a perfect day :)

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