Monday 4 February 2013

Liesl, Rob & Gabriel | Family & Bump | UCT

Liesl was one of my lecturers in varsity and I've always remembered her for her patient, gentle & kind way in which she dealt with us (at times) unruly & emotional students ;) I can think of few people who would be better suited to motherhood, & it's clear that her and hubby Rob have done an amazing job raising little Gabriel :) Plus, they have some fairly stunning genes to contribute ;)

You'll also notice that they have a 2nd baba on the way - a little girl to complete their family :) Just as an aside, this is Liesl's 8-months-pregnant bump - feel free to be as jealous as I was of her gorgeous perfect little bump :)

We spent a glorious afternoon following (read: running ;) ) after little Gabriel - honestly, I think that 2 year olds have their own built in battery! Long after we were exhausted he was still able to charge around (giving Dad a serious run for his money!) :) There is nothing like the joy of childhood and getting to view the world through a child's eyes :)

Liesl, Rob & Gabe, thank you so much for such an awesome shoot - this joyous time before your little girl arrives was precious to behold :)

 Because what's a back ride without a little ear-tugging ;)
 Such a freaking gorgeous little family :)


 Nothing quite like cuddles from Mom :)

 A little owie 
 We found a hole in the fence, so of course had to explore :)

 Love the contrast in shoe size :)

 'Give Dad's head a love' or shmoosh his nose ;)

 Beautiful Liesl :)
 Hehehe, this makes me giggle out loud ;)

Some pink for the girl baba :)
 Dad gets  flower ;)

 Checking to see if anyone's home ;)

 Some duck-viewing and rock-throwing :)
 Liesl has got to be one of the most beautiful pregnant ladies on the planet :)

 This might be my favorite image from the shoot ;) Love love it!

 This shot taken by hubby - absolutely love it - this is what family is :)

 The gorgeous Mom & Dad :)
 At this point we took the hint to finish up ;)

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  1. Liesl definetly is a gorgeous looking pregnant mom. Beautiful inside & out. The pics are stunning. Well done tiffany :)