Sunday 10 February 2013

Natalie & William | Love Shoot | Langebaan

I have to start by awarding Natalie & William a medal of bravery for their engagement shoot! Seriously, this is officially the windiest weather I have ever ventured outdoors in for any length of time. Ever. This may also have been the windiest day of the year in Langebaan! And these two handled it brilliantly, looking pretty darn gorgeous whilst doing so ;)

Even with the mayhem of the weather, what struck me is the love these two clearly share in abundance. I love how Natalie is a petite, gorgeous English rose of a lady, and how strong, tall William just adores her without reservation. In spite of the intimidation of having a camera pointed in their direction, when they look at each other it's clear that everything else temporarily disappears - it's beautiful to witness :)

Natalie & William live in London, but South Africa, and particularly Langebaan, are close to their hearts. It's here that William proposed to her last year :)

Nats & William, thank you so much for the honor of choosing me to be your photographer :) I am beyond excited to be photographing your wedding next year! Until then, here are some images to remind you of sunny South Africa :)


Windy it may have been, but the light was delicious :)
These were actually taken on an empty lot - as we walked in a mongoose dragged itself across the lot and I wouldn't have blamed Nats & William for thinking I'm insane ;) But the light was gorgeous, and importantly, sheltered from the crazy wind! 
I love it when he makes her laugh :)

 Light as a feather :)

A little sweeping dip-romance ;)

Ah these two are just gorgeous :)

 Nats is beyond gorgeous - she is going to be an insanely stunning bride :)

 We then braved the beach :)

 Adore this :)

 Hubby's idea :)
 Love the contrast of William's big strong hands to Nats' petite ones :)
 I asked him to pick her up & spin her and boy have I never seen such enthusiasm! ;)

 These are two of my very favorites :)

 Some gorgeous fynbos and wild African skies :)

 Handsome William graciously putting up with crazy amounts of camera-age ;)

 Absolutely LOVE William's expression ;)

 Hehe ;)

 This is the part they get extra points of - the sand on this section of the beach was like stinging needles!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous we love them! Thank you Tiffany you are so talented and we are so lucky we found you! Xx