Tuesday 1 January 2013


I have a confession. I'm one of those terrible Christmas fairies who may or may not sing Christmas carols all year round (apologies work colleagues who have to listen to my renditions of 'deck the halls' and 'jingle bells' ;) ). But seriously, what could be better than a time to celebrate salvation, life, family, love, joy amidst pool time, great food and laughter?

I feel particularly blessed this year - if I look back to this time last year, I was praying for a thriving business, happiness for my hubby and for more of the good stuff life has to offer. And 2012 did not disappoint! I have a heart filled with thankfulness :) Best of all, hubby has got a job in CT for next year!! The biggest blessing 2012 has brought us :)

Here are a few snaps of my happy family celebrations :)

Hoping you all had a blessed Christmas!
Love Tiffs

Grand Christmas kitsch-ness. I love it!

 There is not Christmas without champagne and Nigella ;)
 Colours of summer ;) Trying to branch out from my usual neutrals :)
 Some Dear Rae for happiness :)

 Mom-in-law and I started a new tradition - Christmas Mojitos ;)
 Christmas mince pies and a reindeer fella 

 Tip: family portraits on 2sec timer do not work! Hubby bet me I couldn't sit down in 2 sec ;)
 The Christmas bunch this year :)
 The most gorgeous Christmas sunset!
 That 50mm 1.2 does amazing things even after the sun is long gone
 Love this man!
 I was voted to be christmas elf!
 Delish Christmas lunch! And hubby was paranoid about me beetroot-ing my white dress, hence the neck-apron ;)

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  1. How lovely. Hubby looking particularly handsome in that shot! I know you must be very proud of him.