Tuesday 4 December 2012

Breathing Space | Mid-Week Ramblings

Oh, this year has been more than I dreamed it could be - filled to the brim with blessings, laughter & joy! But man alive it was good to have a bit of a break last week. I could not have believed that one night away with hubs could have refreshed my soul the way that it did! We went away to the truly awesome Old Mac Daddy trailer park in Elgin, which rocked our socks off. Seriously, it's like the best type of hotel where you can both totally unwind & get in touch with the sunshine. Loved it. And the time to reconnect with hubby, sniff some fresh air, shoot some fun photos for ourselves & revel in the nothingness (the cellphone reception was unexpectedly non-existent, such a blessing!).

Enjoy some of the loveliness :)

Beautiful minimalist living area :)
 Love the decor

 This shower was amazeballs

 We stayed in the 'Digit' trailer - super cute

 So freaking beautiful
 Caught some much-needed sun, reading & a delicious cocktail :)
 The pool is also heated, therefore the perfect temperature :)
 Life :)

 Love this man :)

 We discovered too late that you can fish in the dam! Next time we go hubby will definitely go for it

 Love these

 Adore the restaurant area
 Food was delish

 Hubby had fun playing with double exposures

 We may or may not have taken our Nespresso machine with. Perhaps.

 Parting shot. Will definitely be heading back soon! 


  1. Oh my goodness, you are gorgeous! (Pics are nice too) x

  2. Love this place! J & I went there for a night on honeymoon! So awesome! xxx

  3. NICE! And BTW you look totally stunning in that dress... you know the one that I mean!