Sunday 2 December 2012

Life in the In-Between | Padre's 60th | Weekend Ramblings

My dear Father-in-Law turned 60 last month - which we decided to celebrate with a weekend away, much cake & relaxing. However, said weekend got COMPLETELY rained out :( necessitating a postponement for a month (go figure, schedules are tough to coordinate ;) ). Both weekends turned out to be awesome though - weekend 1 we spent consuming an entire Charly's Bakery cake (should be embarrassed!), watching the Bond marathon & chilling together. Weekend 2 we spent at Mosaic Guest Farm in Stanford, and it was fantastic to just do nothing for a bit. Well, besides braai-ing, drinking good wine, playing vicious games of tile rummy, going for chilled walks & just soaking up the quiet :) Oh, and taking a few EXTREMELY rare family photos - Burnhams are notoriously camera-shy ;)

Happy birthday Padre!! :)

*these images are a mix of iPhone snaps & 'proper' images *

Yeah...that whole cake got eaten in 2 days... 

Stanford is not exactly hard on the eyes ;)

 Awesome outdoor shower, and hubby being funny ;)
 We did a little antique browsing ;)

 The weather was slightly miz, but we still had a phenomenal view from the Ocean Basket in Hermanus :)
 May or may not have picked a few proteas ;)

 So....that embarrassing moment when you go on holiday and forget the extra camera battery! My hubby was not impressed, but we had enough power to at least shoot a few images :)

 I let hubby take over 'big camera' duty for the weekend ;)

 Self-timed family portrait!

 And the birthday man himself :D

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