Sunday 9 December 2012

Benson & Annie | Engagement | Llandudno Beach

I can't tell you how excited I was when I got a call from Benson with a special request: he & his fiancée  Annie are getting married in traditional ceremony in China at the end of this month, so they wanted an engagement shoot that showcased the beauty of Cape Town & South Africa :) That, and another shoot, but that's a post for tomorrow ;)

We settled on Llandudno beach and man, this has got to be THE most beautiful light I have ever had the privilege to take photos in - the air was full of electricity as there was a rainstorm passing by just off shore - the dark sky turning the beach into a myriad of the softest pastel tones. That, combined with this adorable couple = a photographer's heart in heaven :) Benson & Annie also happen to be some of the most genuine & warm people I've had the privilege to meet - hearts of gold :)

Here are a few of my favorites :)

 Hehe I asked Annie to hold Benson's face gently 'like a flower' = giggles ;)

 Photo on the right a happy 'mistake' of hubby's - I love it ;)

 Another unique Ross Burnham image :)
 Edible light :)

 Love how full of fun these two are! PS that water was icy

 Beautiful Annie!

 Oh this girl! I could photograph her every day and on Sunday too! :) Beautiful :) :)

 Mr Handsome & Suave :)

 Some Ross Burnham Photography-inspired shots - that man is a sucker for a flash!

 10 out of 10 points ;)

 And a bright blue door to end off with :)

 Such a freaking good-looking couple :)


  1. goodness gracious Tiffs, this is my absolute favourite shoot you've ever done, INCREDIBLY beautiful!

  2. Hi Tiffany & Ross,
    Firstly, Thank you for getting our wedding photos done in a such short time, this is not going to happen without you guys, really appreciated.
    Secondly, thanks for taking such beautiful photos for us, we really like them. You are the most amazing & talented photographer we have ever met!!!
    Lastly, we really love the way you packaged our photos, a gift that will be remembered for life.

    From: Benson & Annie

  3. Wow, what a lovely photo shoot. They look like a movie star couple. The beach with all it's natural colors is such a lovely setting too.

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  5. So the pictures with the flash just make the most awesome colors come out in the sky and the water. It almost looks like the background was PAINTED.