Monday 12 November 2012

Lauren & Vaughan | 3 November 2012 | The Riverside

You may recognize Lauren & Vaughan from their awesome engagement shoot in Simonstown (which you can see here). I've been looking forward to their wedding ever since, and wow, was it a beautiful day! Their wedding was also totally a group effort - so many members of their families, and friends, were involved in everything from the makeup to the cake :). La & Vaughan are also jetting off to Thailand together at the end of this week for a working adventure abroad, what an awesome way to spend their newlywed days :) I loved so many things about this wedding - the beautiful bright colors, a bouquet of peonies & succulents, the gorgeous outdoor location, their welcoming & warm families. And of course the love - these two are perfect for each other, literally fit together like pieces of a puzzle :) My heart is filled with joy to know they get to spend the rest of their days rocking the world together :)

La & Vaughan, thank you so much for entrusting me with the treasured task of capturing your awesome wedding, seriously the hugest honor :)

Love Tiffs

Cute toes :)
La's Maid of Honour Kirsten did her beautiful makeup :)
Exquisite dress!

The perfect shoes :)
Adored the coral bridesmaids dresses!
Gift from Mr :)

Ok so I may have squealed when I saw La's bouquet!!! How gorgeous?!

Bustle of girls getting ready :)

Oh La you are more beautiful than there are words :D


There was so much attention to detail in all the decor!

Thanks for this one hubby :)

Hehe La's parents are too precious :)

Such a freaking good-looking bridal party!

Whoop for the shmodel men!

I die :D

Yes they're laughing AT me ;)

 Oh love love :)

 One by hubby :)

 Another by Mr B :)

 Love it when they laugh !

 Suave & handsome Mr McShane :)

 Mr & Mrs!!

 Yes the speeches were as funny as it looks ;)
 Vaughan's mom Mercis is precious :)

 HAHA! La's brother Jethro's speech was priceless!
 Beautiful inscriptions :)

 La sang for Vaughan :)

 Outdoor shots by Mr Hubby :)
 Reactions to La's speech ;)
'I'm going home with the hottest guy in the room tonight!'

 Epic first dance!

 Hehe ;)

 Got this just as we were leaving - they actually put a chicken in their going away car!
I sincerely hope Mr Chicken slept quietly and didn't feel the need to relieve himself...

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, adventure & LOVE MR & Mrs McShane!


  1. Oh Oh Oh! Such an adorable couple and love dresses, the setting and those shoes!!! Now why didn't I think of having blue shoes? Loved the coral dresses and the bouquets. Truly candy for the eyes. They look so in love and you really captured it.

  2. These are beautiful Tiffs. I LOVE the couple shots- especially the ones where Vaughan is carrying Lauren princess style, and the laughing shots and the ones on the train-tracks! The colours, the bouquet and the bunting make my heart happy and the whole wedding looks like it was amazing- lots of fun and beautiful people.

  3. Tiffany B These are beautiful photographs,regards Ross Goosen

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