Sunday 11 November 2012


My hubby is my favorite assistant/2nd shooter :) I'm sometimes surprised that we work well together, given that our opinions on matters often tend to the side of 'differing', but incredibly grateful that we do :) It's gotten to the point where he instinctively knows how best to help me, and having the ultimate wingman does rather rock ;)

He takes lekker awkward 'behind-the-scenes' photos to tease me with later
 Notices little kiddos hiding behind bouquets during family portraits 
Gets bullied into posing for me to 'test the light' ;)
 But then occasionally...he gets tasked with second shooting and gets a little distracted! Case in point on a family shoot recently - downloading the cards afterwards I found this gem! Not even the family's dogs I might add! However he was highly offended that I wouldn't be using it on their disc, so here it is for all you to enjoy ;)

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