Thursday 13 September 2012

Lauren & Vaughan | Love Shoot | Simons Town

I can't begin to tell you how much fun this shoot was :) And what a blessing it was to bear witness to the beautiful love that La & Vaughan share - if this is how genuinely in love these two are on an average day just imagine how loved-up and gorgeous they will be on their wedding day ;) We spent the most glorious afternoon in Simons Town meandering about and taking pictures on the beach and down beautiful, light-blessed alleys :) And convincing Vaughan that although the camera makes him nervous, he is actually a hidden GQ model ;) And seriously, my camera has a major crush on beautiful La, you'll see what I mean, feel free to be jealous that I had her in front of my lens ;)

La & Vaughan, thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to be your photographer, I cannot wait for your wedding!

Love Tiffs

Like, the second image I took and look at how natural they are!!

 The weather could not have been more beautiful :)

 They are just so happy and at ease with each other - the kind of love that grows old and sits on a porch swing :)

 Vaughan plays like a pro!

 And I have serious shoe envy of La! Just WAIT until you see her wedding colors - she told me all about it and I literally did a happy dance!
 Teehee - serious pose ;)

 So then we found this alley with the most amazing light in the world!
 And these two did their cute/teasing/insanely gorgeous thing

 Mr GQ himself. RIGHT?!
 Anything to get a moment away from the lens ;)

 Beyond gorgeous La :)

 So funny story - taxi drove past at this point, hydraulics pumping, music blaring, dudes yelling (hopefully complimentary) and all the car alarms went off ;)

 Gaaaaak La it just comes so easily ;)

 We then headed to the beach to disrupt the penguins a little
 And these two were just even more gorgeous!

 Because a photoshoot without flare is no photoshoot at all ;)

 Vaughan is now a spinning pro!
 Hubby's shot on the left (go hubs!) mine on the right ;)

 These two actually surf - seriously, big ups! I totally lack the necessary coordination and grace

 Another Ross Burnham masterpiece. Seriously, I may have to up his fee ;)
 And another :)
 Beautiful laughter!

 Handsome Vaughan :) And the poor doggie that stalked the penguins in vain ;) Shame, he really did try super hard!
 Oh La, can't even handle the gorgeousness!
 Waving to the man :)
 La, you & my 50mm may have to enter a committed relationship ;)

 Ok I die!

 Beautiful sunset hues!


 And I'll end with La's stunner of a ring - 100 points to you Vaughan!


  1. OH MY GOSH! Tiff, these are seriously so beautiful- so excited that you are our wedding photographer! You captured so many surreal, unspoken moments, love it!

    LOL at your "Ok,I die" and yes, I'll gladly take the 50 mm lens;) You and your wonderful hubby really put us at ease and shooting this has really been such a highlight of a journey towards becoming a married couple. It was so much fun, plus we were totally blessed with such a warm, sunny September Day too. How gorgeous does my man look?! I'm the luckiest girl in the world!

    1. Oh La there is no greater compliment than to hear that from you :) Thank you to YOU lovely people for choosing me, I am blessed :)
      Heehee, you are a lucky girl indeed! And Vaughan is lucky to have gorgeous you ;)
      Much love

  2. I forgot to mention...Ross, I think she's holding you back from the photography limelight, hehe! You shot such beauties. So yes Tiff, I agree with upping his fee or promoting him from prop hauler to assistant photographer :)

  3. This is a stunning shoot Tiffany, you have captured V&L perfectly. Awesome moments captured perfectly.

  4. Beautiful shoot Tiffs! I love the variety and relaxed feel. You captured the couple perfectly :) PS I love her shoes - I have those woolies shoes as well. xx

    1. Thanks lovely H! I love the shoes too ;) Woolies is the shiz!

  5. GASP. Just beautiful. This has got to one of the most lovely shoots, the gorgeous couple, light, their outfits (and her shoes) just amazing!!

    1. Thank you SO much Bonnie :) I was so super blessed from all sides :)

  6. This absolutely captures your and V's genuine LOVE for one another La. These pics are stunning Tiffany. You've captured such magic in each shot. Love love LOVE it! So excited for the big day La, you are going to make the most magnificent bride. Excite excite!

    1. Wow thank you SO much Tania! That is a beautiful compliment :) And wowzers yes La is going to be beyond beautiful :)

  7. What a beautiful couple and so wonderfully captured. Love how you have expressed the tender, but playful love between these two and HOW gorgeous is the light and colour in all these shots? Very excited to see their wedding photos :) well done you lot! :)

    1. Thank you so much my friend! You are precious xx

  8. oh so beautiful Tiffs!! such beautiful moments you captured and sheesh what a stunner of a couple!!

  9. OMG! This couple is so fresh, so natural and so totally romantic. The colors are insanely beautiful! The day so perfect!

    Wishing I was in SA about now. Longing for it, in fact. I miss all my family more than I can say. I can almost smell and feel the air when I view all your lovely photos. Mmmmmmmmmm..............