Sunday 4 November 2012

Candice & Luke | Love Shoot | Alphen Hotel & Alphen Trail

I have been so super excited about this sweet couple's shoot (and wedding) ever since Candice contacted me a few months ago :D

When Cands & Luke stepped out of their car in brightly colored outfits (coral!) and helium balloons (eeeeep!!) I knew I was in for a barrel of fun ;) They are self-professedly a little crazy, silly & decided to 'embrace the weirdness' for the camera :) Me? I LOVE a little 'weird' - normal can be rather over-rated! I loved the crazy faces they pulled at each other and how 'them' they were :) And to boot, they also happen to conversely have amazing sh-modeling capabilities - they bring the gorgeous and serious just as well as the crazy :D

Here are a few of my favorites from this awesome, color and laughter-filled shoot! :)

Can't wait for the wedding next year!! :D

PS you HAVE to check out Candice's blog here. Be prepared for some serious salivating!

The Alphen Hotel gardens are a beautiful place to be in love! 

 Heehee, love this!
 I'm obsessed with coral at the moment, so LOVED Cand's outfit :) And how awesome it coordinated with Luke's blue :)

 They very graciously thundered into the bed of irises with me ;)

 Awesome 'stache props!

 See guys? SO gorgeous!!! :D

 Love Luke's face here ;)
 Beautiful C :)

 There's a gorgeous little building that was begging for a picture :)

 Too cute!

 The wind picked up just as we decided to make use of the balloons and required a little taming ;)

 Luke my man, you seriously did good! How beautiful is this ring?!
Side note: may or may not have demolished a hydrangea for this ;)

 We then popped over the road to a gorgeous field which whoops, turned out to be someones backyard! Luckily we got these before being escorted off the premises ;)

 Balloon release!

 Then a speedy game of chess!

 A light snack?
 The Queen was begging for a crown :)
 Mr Suave Luke :)
 Hubby's idea :)
 Charming little bridge + pink tree + balloons + couple in love = yippee!!

 Ooh the light was beautiful on the Alphen Trail!

 Hehe ;)

 Gorgeous girl! 

 Perfect models!

 Can't remember what exactly was happening here but I do remember laughing. A lot ;)

 Coral, blue and a gorgeous lady!
 And to end off Luke's awesome Superman flip flops and Cands enviable nude pumps :)


  1. Wow!!! Thank you for capturing my daughter and future son-in-law in such stunning, natural photos - not forgetting the setting. These are gorgeous. May their love last forever! Beautiful!

  2. Tiffs, these are such lovely and quirky pics - the image of Candice and Luke in front of the building with a green door (a-door-able hehe), the hydrangea and chess ringshots, the pic of Candice holding the hydrangea and how beautifully it matches her denim shirt (how beautiful is the colour of Candice's nails?), the pics in the lavender field with vintage street-lamp, the gorgeous garden path with willow, nasturtions and delicious lighting! So beautiful my friend. And big ups to the couple for bringing it- the colour, the love and the crazy! (you know I'm a fan of 'the crazy'). Well done guys!

  3. What a sweet couple. Love their cute outfits and poses. The balloon idea is adorable! You did a wonderful job capturing their love!