Monday 3 September 2012

Promise. Time. Timing.

 There's been a fair amount to think about lately. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by the thought that small decisions add up to a life, an experience, an existence. Sometimes I end up a little paralyzed between these thoughts, and have to remind myself that by taking care of each day, each moment, as it comes, is the only way to live consciously, instead of in the future or in the past.

I tend towards impatience (just in case anyone missed that ;) ). I like the comfort of predictability, of routine, in the greater aspects of my life. And it throws me for a loop when my careful plans don't quite go according to how I'd like them to. But I'm learning more and more to believe & to trust that things happen for a reason, not always clear, but for the better.

And wow, do the knocks give perspective - blindingly clear. It always astounds me that no matter how often I'm reminded, in between I forget - I forget what is most important, I allow the small things to get in the way of what really counts.

What do we really have at the end of the day? Time. A completely uncertain amount of time. That I oh-so-often waste. That I try my best to channel to where it's needed - to where it'll be an investment. In living an existence of meaning that in turn I can share with the people I love.

I'm always reminded of the delicate balance between sorrow & happiness - and I stand firm in my belief that neither can be fully experienced without the other.

Sometimes I forget that aspiring to 'more' can leave you dissatisfied with what you have. I'm so blessed to have my husband - in the face of disappointment and uncertainty he left me with these words written deeply on my heart '...we need to be happy with what we have now...'.

So here's to love. To husbands that know what to say. To the sweetest girl friends who 'get it'. To a new season of Spring & the beauty that comes with it. And to choosing to be happy now. Today.


  1. So much love my friend <3 Amen for all of those things. I always find it astounding how you are able to communicate so beautifully so much of what is written in my heart. Also side note- those shots are incredible, macro love! And the blossom with the droplets- somehow captures that balance between sorrow and joy and adds a sense of time-fragility (does that even make sense). xx

  2. Wow, I am amazed! WE seem to be thinking along very similar lines. (see my blog) I love what you have written. So meaningful. I can relate so much. Love your photos, so simple but beautiful!

  3. oh man, tim and i were chatting about these things today! so well written and just love the blossom images, absolutely stunning! that first image and the last one, bliss!