Wednesday 29 August 2012

Why me?

This was a bit of a difficult post to write, but the concept behind it has been on my heart so much lately, that I really felt I had to share it.

I've had a few potential clients ask me lately 'Why should we choose you to photograph our wedding?'. Being the sort of person who struggles to make a 'hard sell' - I really battled to answer the question in a comprehensive way. And it's set me to thinking - what makes me unique/talented/my style. And whilst I am able to answer those questions to a degree, none of those felt like convincing enough of a reason to justify why ME specifically.

And then it struck me. The ethos that has been in my heart and in my mind since I started my business. I want you to choose me because we FIT. Because you believe that you can trust me enough to capture the moments of your life that are sacred to you, and to do it in a way that will convey the depth of meaning of your life experiences. Yes, part of that is creating beautiful images that are a certain 'style', but most of it is a connection & a relationship that allows the rest to flow naturally. I want to be able to connect with you in a way that enables me to understand you, to know how I can attune myself best to allow you to feel at ease in front of my camera, how to make you laugh, and which images are going to hold lifelong treasured memories for you.

The responsibility of capturing a wedding day is not something to be taken lightly - I am always astounded and honored that such a momentous task would be entrusted to me, and it makes my heart feel blessed more than I can actually explain. And for me, that is not a task to be messed with - I will tell you honestly if I do not believe I am the right photographer for you, and I honestly believe there is the 'right' photographer for everyone :)

This all being said, if I am blessed enough to have you choose me, I will LOVE you and your wedding :) I will commit myself to giving you an experience along with your images that I hope will come as close to freezing your memories in time as possible :) Because it's a part of who I am, because I love LOVE, because I believe in finding beauty in life & because I want to share your story. Having my couples trust me to do that is one of the greatest blessings I have ever been given.


These blossoms that I picked today reminded me of how beautiful & fragile the happy moments of life are :)
And...I wish I had a field of these to photograph a couple in! ;)


  1. what a beautiful and honest post Tiff. I just wanted to say that all you said, I felt when I met you. The anniversary photo's I had taken were special and what contributed to that was just the way you were with us: natural, likeable, honest and loving what you were doing. It was very a candid experience and something you are natural at. LOVE the spring blossoms, I took a lot of those last week too (still need to do a blog post!) if you go to Vergelegen there is a path of these trees with two beautiful full ones right at the end-perfect for photos, cos it is quite private too!

  2. Ah Bonnie, thank you SO much for your incredibly kind words :) I was so blessed to meet you and your special hubby! Oh that sounds beyond beautiful!!!! I must go look!!! xx

  3. This is so beautiful Tiff! I actually wrote about this in my bridal diary "choosing your photographer wisely". It is such a blessing for us to have had you shoo our engagement shoot! Your passion for photography is so infectious. You do it all so wholeheartedly. It is a wonderful thing to be around the two of you whilst allowing you 'in' to our special place as a couple! We are so excited for our wedding and overjoyed that we have you to capture it all x