Friday 7 September 2012

Nthando Home of Safety

I LOVE to see people all they can to change their small corner of the world and make it a better place :) For those of you who don't know, I'm an Occupational Therapist in my 'other life'. I work in a government hospital - and it's rather different to the photography world, but in a good way - it keeps me balanced ;) Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming to see all the pain and suffering that abounds in SA, right on our doorstep. But I have to remind myself that it takes more than one person to change the world, and if we all do our bit it adds up to a whole lot!

Now, whilst at varsity I met the lovely Cara-Leigh through one of my dear friends Katie. Cara-Leigh had a dream in her heart, and with the support and help of her family and friends and a whole lotta' prayer, it came true!

Nthando Home is a place of safety for children, based in Somerset West, and WOW are they doing amazing work :) Cara-Leigh asked me to come take some images of the kiddies and their home of safety, and what a bunch of cuties :) Unfortunately I can't show you pictures of their faces, for obvious privacy and legal reasons, but I can share some that do capture a whole lot of their cuteness :)

This is SUCH a worthy cause, and you may be wondering how you can help out. Well, go take a look at their website and see what they're all about here. A very simple and great way of contributing is to get a MySchool card, which will contribute to their monthly expenses. Running a loving & secure home for kiddies in need of it is no easy feat :)

Here are some images of the cuties

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  1. Oh what sweeties!!! Thanks for sharing Tiffs!! So glad to hear Cara-Leigh's dream came true!! All the more reason to have a MySchool Card!!