Wednesday 11 July 2012

On cool experiences :)

I'm sorry, I know you've been hearing a lot about my hubby recently, like a lot a lot. But, it is all with good reason - the Man has, after all, been on quite the winning streak :)

Whilst I was home doing ordinary things last week, he was off in London rocking out at The Young Persons' World Lecture Competition, at which there were some pretty awesome brains from universities around the world. He, of course, was rather blasé whilst over there, and when I asked him whether he'd placed (during a phone conversation), he mumbled something rather incoherent. I thought, 'oh well', but really should have known better with him ;)

When I picked him up from the airport (oh joyous day!), he told me to look in his carry-on bag, where I found a major surprise - a beautiful little MacBook Air! At which point I knew he must have placed. And he did - third :) :)

I've found myself thinking - life is often measured in successes and failures. Which is strange, as when you think of it, it's the journey in between where 'real life' happens. And somehow, traveling that with someone makes all the highs and lows all the sweeter. I could not be prouder of all the hard work my hubby's put into his research, his work ethic and his passion for excellence :)

And now I promise I'll find other things to blog about ;)

Love you Mr Burnham

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  1. Congrats to him! And so sweet! You two have a really beautiful relationship-its evident when I met you and here on your blog. Marriage is a wonderful thing when it's your best friend you're married to! :)