Friday 6 July 2012

Confessions of a Shopaholic

...innocent until proven guilty (title credit to lovely Tamalin Braun)

I have this little weakness, which I must say profits good ol' Woolies no end ;) Hubby even owns shares in Woolworths, which is very amusing when he complains that I should take out shares with them considering how much shopping I do there! Haha!

I shouldn't be allowed into the shops really, because within minutes I've planned out outfits in my head and generally have an armful of things that I don't really need. 

I had a few spare minutes yesterday between work and meeting a lovely friend of mine for sushi dinner,  I nipped into Cotton On (my new almost favorite store) which was having a SALE, YAY! I'm a sucker for a sale ;) As you'll notice from above, I'm awful at actually branching out into actual colors that aren't neutral, so I was very proud of my blue top purchase ;) I'm adoring the cream, tan and blue combo above, the colors make me SO happy!

These images were taken on the floor of my parents-in-laws dining room, and I have serious floor envy. 

Thinking I should get something yellow after accidentally creating the blue and yellow combo :)

Shopping shouldn't be as much fun as it is, but well, it is. And that might be a problem ;)


  1. Must admit that I'm in the same boat! Love to shop. But add a little girl into the mix and it ups the ante. Now I adore buying clothes for her!!! Have had to absolutely restrict myself from entering the Naartjie store. Now that is the store I should purchase shares in. Ha!

  2. I was also eying those brown leather flats. soooo comfy! I might go back for them. I love the brown/blue color combo! PS LOVE woolies too.

  3. Tan, blue and yellow are a definite winning combination. Shares in Woolies... hmmm, now you have given me an idea ;) and yes- absolute floor-envy! clothing- love, tan shoes- love, wooden floors- love, blue, yellow, tan combo- love. :) the way you have laid everything out and captured the feeling and texture of all the pieces of loveliness is just too much :) a big thumbs up!