Friday 13 July 2012

Brad, Candy & Maddison Rose | Family | Llandudno

Lovely Cands was the talented videographer who did mine and hubby's wedding :) And whilst I'll never openly admit to stalking our wedding service providers, we have become friends since then :)

I did a mini bump shoot for them when Cands was pregnant with lovely Maddie, and then a newborn shoot of the cutie pie, so was stoked when Cands asked me recently to do a family shoot for them :)

Cape Town weather is notoriously unpredictable and we were rather disappointed when the weather forecast was less than ideal as we'd wanted to go to the beach. But, the weather pulled through and we were able to pop down to Llandudno, where the waves were insanely stormy!

Such an adventure :)

Beautiful blue-eyed Maddie :)
Helping with the socks ;)

Precious, brightly colored family :)
Love the cheeky tongue ;)
Oh the wonder of new things!
Love for Daddy 


Is that face not just priceless??

Teehee this random doggy just joined the shoot ;)
Maddie meets Ellie ;)

I giggle again just looking at these ;)
Trusting Dad completely
Slight spelunking ;)
We christened this the Preston family rock ;)

Maddie's face on the right = I die of laughter ;)

Loving Dad's foot prints :)

1-2-3 wheeee!!!

Such a family full of fun!

The beach sand proved a little challenging when attempting to stand ;)
"wash handies"

'Look Mom!!'

The dog re-joined, Mads was initially a little wary of the canine
Like I said, wary. And then she loved it ;)
Maddie destroying her name in the sand ;)

Love these ;)
Such a gorgeous bunch!
Loving Dads head
Running from the waves!
And the family dog got the wrong idea ;) He left soon after - think he felt betrayed about not being informed of the shot instructions ;)


Skeef look for the photographer anther funny camera!
Too many kisses!

Maddie shmoosh!

Such special people ;)
Big love to the Prestons :)


  1. Too beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful family! Little Maddie is just precious and reminds me of my Joy Madeline when she was that age :) It must be an optical illusion, but I'm amazed because it appears as if the foot prints are raised rather than indented. Just can't make my mind see it the other way no matter how I try!

  3. Oh my gosh.....what incredible photos!!!!!! Well done Tiffany, and Cands....I WANT THEM!!! Wow - what a beautiful family xxxx Carmie xxx

  4. These photos are just magical! The lighting is INCREDIBLE and the way you captured the love and joy is too much. What a lovely family :) (Candy- you have a beautiful family and are a yummy-mummy!) love it!