Monday 28 May 2012

Candice & Jacques | Second Shooting

I was incredibly privileged to second shoot this most beautiful wedding with the talented Kim du Toit earlier this year :) Do yourself a big favor and go look at her BEAUTIFUL images of the day here :) :) We happen to be friends in 'real life' and working together is always awesome :) Also see her post for the  service providers who made this day so beautiful - dream team :)

The most beautiful and perfect dress for Cands :)

So so beautiful and elegant

Cands & Jacques were made for each other - the ceremony was so touching

Lash love


  1. It is always an absolute pleasure to have you along my dear friend!! Your images of Cands and Jacques are so beautiful!! Thank you for sweating it out with me on that beautifully HOT day!! Hehehe!! XXX

  2. Tiffs! I am having a freak out over bbm with Tam about these incredible, amazing, heart-stoppingly gorgeous images! Such an awesome way to start my day! Wow, wow, wow! Thank you! You are amazing. And ridiculously talented. And a beautiful person on top of all that too! I am honoured to have had had you at our wedding. You are a gem! I hope you have the most beautiful day. Thank you for the blessing these images are to me and Jacques.
    Tons of love to you dear

  3. Wow Tiffs...they are stunning!! You take the most romantic pictures ever! I Love the ones of them in the field. What a gorgeous couple.

  4. oh my word ladies, feeling overwhelmed with all the love, thank you a million times over!! :)

    And dearest cands, you beautiful bride, you've touched me beyond words, seriously, thank you for blessing me with such kind words :) :) It is the greatest honor! :) xxx

  5. aww such beautiful dreamy images Tiffs!

  6. Wow! Both your images and Kim's are so lovely. How did they make that bunting... the little triangles with all the darling cutouts. Wow! The whole affair looks fabulous. What a gorgeous couple.

  7. Carike Holtzhausen26 July 2012 at 04:44

    And you just keep getting better & better!! WOW!! I love this!! :D