Sunday 27 May 2012

Weekend Ramblings | Trying New Things & Why Husbands are Useful

So..I woke up this morning to the face of a husband who definitely had a plan. I was offered morning coffee and told to dress up. Apparently, we were going on a photoshoot. Now, for those of you who know me, I tend to give poor Hubby lip anytime he tries to aim a camera in my direction. Not the most cooperative, or patient model. So off we set, lightbox in tow, to shoot around UCT.

I was a good wife, patient, followed direction and offered minimal criticism ;)

Now, hubby has a love affair with flash, and off-camera lighting. I dig it, kinda, but it's not always my cup of tea. However, that said, I've realized, more and more, that it's SO important to try new things as a photographer. It helps you to see light differently, to learn how to manipulate it and use it to your advantage. I really appreciate having a husband and business partner who pushes me to grow and try new things - even if I'm not always the most willing participant ;)

Here is a selection of images from our little shoot - all chosen by hubs :)

 The nice small, subtle 70-200mm lens. Apparently this is hubby's definition of how I should roll all the time... Good gracious!
 And because I'm bossy, I made him take a flare shot ;) With no flash ;)
And then made him pose for the final image ;)

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  1. really love shots! You have such a pretty smile though...don't hide it! :)