Thursday 1 March 2012

A Mystery Shoot to Make You Smile :)

I hope today that mysteries don't make you frustrated - I hope this one makes you smile :)

I can't say a lot about this precious mini-human, other than to let you know she's the sweetest little treasure :)

So, without further musings, here's the special madame herself :) I'd have loved to show you all her precious little face, but all her other sweet building blocks will have to suffice :)

Nothing more precious than baby feet :)

Lippies :)

Chosen indeed :)

Precious fingers :)

It's amazing how much these Little Ones thrive off love - it's beautiful :)

Excuse the horrid 'mask' here, but wanted to show you all this one whilst shielding Madam Sweetness here :) Played a little with flash - wanted it to look a little like Heavenly halo light :)


  1. Aggggh mommy! So sweet and precious! Cant wait to take pics of my own little angel! ;)