Sunday 26 February 2012

Gorgeous Natalie | Experimenting with Flash | Weekend Ramblings

Now, for those of ya'll who are regular followers of my blog, you'll notice that these images aren't entirely in keeping with my usual love for lens flare, natural light and soft tones. These are dramatic, flash-lit and all-round really the opposite! Although, you will notice that a little lens flare crept in, hehe ;)

This is my gorgeous cousin Natalie - whom I would happily photograph any and every weekend - she gladly jumps at any opportunity to be my muse and has some awesome ideas of her own :) The fact that she's incredibly talented at posing and is beautiful is the icing on the cake :)

Hubs and I just got a brand-spanking-new lighting setup - flashes, stands, soft box, triggers etc. and I'm learning how to put them to good use :) For the most part I'll be using this setup and technique for reception lighting, but I'm actually pretty darn impressed with how the portraits came out :) Like I said, very different to my style up to now, but I'm always keen to experiment with something new :) If you have a strong opinion either way, would love to hear it :)


Vogue pose to gigglingly soft in a heartbeat, gotta love this girl :)

Love how the soft box tones the flash down so beautifully :)


Just beautiful :)

How looooong are those legs?!

Adore Nats hair color and wide eyes :)

Statuesque beauty much?!

Love the cracked concrete, the shadow and Nats green eyes :)

One of my favorite types of shots to take - of half-closed lids focussing on lashes, with a flash spin :) It's really cool finding ways to incorporate elements that fit :)

Way high drama here!

And....attitude + flare!!

Rawr work it Nats!

As Hubs calls it - the 'hipster' look ;)

And some glamour :)

Actually...a whole lot of it to end off with ;) 


  1. That's my cousin! I love looking at these different techniques, Tiff. Tfs

  2. oh these are so awesome! well done you guys! :)

  3. wow, so dramatic and interesting! I love the effects! love the hipster look ones!!

  4. Tiffnay, yes, so different from everything else, but you did a very nice job. I like how the lighting is not harsh at all, it's actually very soft. I am sure you will take beautiful wedding reception photos ;).

  5. Great job! Nats looks fantastic. Her hair is absolutely fabulous! Those lights definitely give the dramatic effect.