Sunday 4 March 2012

Weekend Rambling | When it just 'works'

Lately I've had a bit of a struggle in my heart about something I've always pondered over - are things only 'well-earned' in life when they come at the expense of your comfort, way of life, sanity etc. I suppose the core issue is whether certain things in life are worth the 'cost' you pay for them.... Like I said, I've thought about this a lot ;)

For me, nothing, and I really do mean NOTHING, is worth the expense of my relationships with the people I love, or my sense of being able to take on what life has to throw at me. That's not to say that there aren't 'bad' moments and days betwixt it all, but overall, my main goal in life is to able to invest in the people I love, and to be in the right emotional head space to be able to do so. Sounds simple right? Not always, and my philosophy adjusts every now and then, but this is what I fight for :) I used to be a fairly quiet, acceptant type (hard to believe I know!) but today I fight for it tenaciously :) And for the people I love too....

When my heart fell in love with photography - and I say my heart because I think my brain wondered what the heck had happened! - it didn't feel like there was a 'cost' to my life. As it's become a greater chunk of my existence (and happily so!) I've had to create better boundaries to keep things in check, but overall it has just 'worked'. Sure, there've been obstacles in the way, as with all undertakings, but if I think of how much has happened these past 10 months, this journey has been blessed :) And for that, I am more thankful than words will ever explain....

The past two weekends I've had the immense privilege of assisting the phenomenal Nastassja Harvey - she's been an incredibly blessing and inspiration to me :) Last night I assisted her on another wedding, and I don't think I've ever giggle on a road trip as much as we did yesterday! Oh, a laugh has the most amazing soul-healing properties....

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  1. ahh always love reading your thoughts Tiffs! had an absolute blast yesterday and it is I that needs to thank YOU! :D x
    ps. promise to smile properly and not squint looking like a crazy in our next pic together ;)