Friday 30 March 2012

Mini-Review 5d mk III

So...about a month ago Canon's new camera, the 5D mk III, was announced :) Now, I will admit that I nearly wet my pants with excitement. Last year I debated whether I should in fact buy the mk II knowing that the mk III would (hopefully) be announced soon. Turns out I decided to bite the bullet and get the mk II, knowing that it would make an awesome back-up camera when the mk III finally made an appearance ;)

Now, I'd been expecting to wait until at LEAST the end of April for this baby to arrive, and was a little better when I saw all the USA photographers receiving their orders last week... My hubby had contacted Orms and they'd said it would be a minimum of two weeks wait. AND THEN...yesterday my hubby mailed me a weird photo of his filing shelf, only for me to realize there was a wee grey box lurking in the upper corner - MY NEW BABY!!!!! Now, how is a girl supposed to work and concentrate all day knowing she had this waiting at home?! It was tough ;)

Now, bearing in mind I only touched it for the first time less than 24 hours ago, I'm already impressed. I don't profess to be the most amazing expert on the topic, nor am I top of the techy food-chain. However, this thing is already impressing me. For 3 main reasons at the moment:

1. Focus - with 61 focus points to choose from (ALL OF WHICH ARE SHARP) it 'finds' its focus effortlessly. And when it says it's focussed, it has. Now, my mk II I didn't struggle with focus THAT much, in good light that is, but it is hugely refreshing to hear it lock without getting all fussy.

2. High ISO - all these shots below (except for the ones of the camera duh) were shot at 3200 or 6400 iso. Now, on the mk II those shots would be virtually unusable - they would need major grain reduction. On the mk III? I'll be shooting away happily at 6400 without any worries :) And that rocks!

3. Ergonomics - this camera FEELS more solid (watch out wrists!) it has smoother contours and just fits into your hands better.

And on a totally frivolous note, the shutter sound is PERFECTION - a business-like, non-reverberating 'click' rather than the melodious 'twang' of the mk II ;) There is also an amazing 'almost-silent' shutter function, slower shooting yes, but no more awkward stares when your shutter goes off loudly in the middle of the ceremony!

I'll be test-driving her a little tomorrow at a wedding, and will let you know more then :)

Harassing hubby at 3200 iso, f1.4, 1/400
 Same as before
 I think he'd quite like to put my head under a tap ;)
 I took this in my lounge this morning, it was literally DARK, settings 6400 iso, 1.4f, 1/60. BARELY GRAIN!
 As before. Behold the sharpness.
 Documenting my false lash failure ;)
 And this...well this is the face of a girl who owns a 5D mk III!!!!! My face hurts from smiling :) :) :) :) :)


  1. hahaha LOVE it! congrats girlie!!! :)

  2. Carike Holtzhausen26 July 2012 at 03:45

    Love the last photo!! And now I also want the 5D mk III. ;)