Saturday 31 March 2012

Onyinye & Chima | 23 March 2011 | 12 Apostles

Onyinye & Chima travelled all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland to have their wedding here in our beautiful country :) Both are from Nigeria originally, and I was floored to hear they'd already had a 700-guest-strong traditional wedding in Nigeria! We joked that this celebration was almost akin to the two of them doing 'dinner for two' by comparison ;)

What I love about Onyinye and Chima is that, as glamorous and hot as they are (yes hot is the only word for it!) - they shared SO many tender, quiet moments amidst the hustle and bustle. You can see how much they deeply and passionately love each other, and that is a thing of beauty :) They also have so much FUN together - I loved all of the teasing, giggling and laughter that permeated the day :)

Onyinye & Chima, I am so grateful to have met you and to have had the privilege of capturing your most special of days :) Wishing you a lifetime of the happiness, love and fun that you guys clearly share :)

Blessings & love

Here are some of my favorites from their day :)

CT brought the WIND in a major way, as you can see :)

 The rooms at the 12 Apostles are beautiful with awesome things to 'play' with for details photos :)

 Onyinye wore one stunner of a Pronovias gown!

 Love loved her bracelet and the turquoise color here :)
 False lashes are absolutely beautiful for really giving the eyes some pop :)

 The dashing groom, Chima :)

 They both come from super good-looking families! Their kids are gonna be pretty gorgeous ;)

 Like I said, gooooo-looking family genes going on here! This is her beautiful sister Gogo :)
 Mmmmf, my camera had a serious love affair with this girl!

 A little gangsta bride ;)


Daddy seeing her for the first time :)
 Sjoe it was windy!!!

 Love Chima's face here ;)

 Love it when a couple laughs like this together :)

 Onyinye had her heart set on beach photos, but with the wind howling the way it was, we were worried we'd get blown away, or sandblasted! We said a quick prayer and sped off to Llandudno, where, miraculously, there was only a small bit of wind! :)

 So tender :)

 We had a right giggle over the instructions for this one ;)

 Hot hot hot ;)

 Love the colors in this one!

 Super suave groom :)
 And his hawt bride!
 Serious Vogue material - sass one minute and then just elegant beauty the next!

 Heehee, this was unscripted ;)

A little bit of gangsta signage!
 Runway much?! ;)
 This brave girl clambered up the side of the mountain in those heels just to catch the sunset - proud of ya! :)

 GQ ;)

 Onyinye's Mom is awesome :)
 Her Dad made an awesome speech with some great marriage advice.
 And her brother had everyone in hysterics with laughter ;)
 The cutting of the cake and the shmooshing of the face ;)
 Best wedding crashers ever!!
 Long-lost friends ;)
 Their first dance was the coolest I have ever seen! Seriously, they started off with a beautiful slow dance to 'At Last' which then broke out into 'I Like Big Butts & I Cannot Lie' and they BURNT UP the dance floor!
 All of the dancing was freaking amazing, serious skills here!!

Awesome Service Providers:
Venue: 12 Apostles
Videographer: Cherish Productions
Makeup: Marchet Terblanche from Le Look
Hair: Le Look
Bride's Dress: Pronovias
Grooms Suit: Next
Singer: Jenie Oliver
Photographers Assistant: My ever-awesome Hubby :)


  1. Seriously, you have the best job ever! Not only to take beautiful photographs, but you get to attend weddings too!! ♥ both! All of them are gorgeous! She is a stunning bride. LOVE the ones of them against the mountain-so gorgeous. I love the first black and white picture and that silhouette one is just stunning. You've done it again!

  2. Super gorgeous work Tiffs. One of my favourite weddings you have done so far. Really gorge. xxx

  3. Beautiful .Beautiful. Beautiful!!!

  4. Tiffs, These photos are insane!!! Totally Professional... with a Capital 'P'. What a beautiful couple. And what an outrageously fun time they appear to have had at their wedding! Blessings to them both. You really did an awesome job.

  5. oh tiffs girlie, this is AWESOME!! you rocked this wedding and the shots you got are gorgeous!! i love the ones of them on the side of the mountain, the close ups on the beach from above, the very suave groom shots on the mountain side and that silhouette of them on the huge rock at the beach is also just brilliant. well done meisie!! :D they are gonna LOVE these!

  6. When I look at your photos I can just see HUGE things that are going to happen for you. You have been blessed immensely with a this talent. So proud of you and the feature for this wedding is so amazing!! Go Tiffs! xx

  7. Carike Holtzhausen26 July 2012 at 03:57

    You have outdone yourself with these photos. Wow, wow, wow!!