Sunday 25 March 2012

Natalie & Jason | 17 March 2012 | Farm 215, Gansbaai

The first time I met with Nats & Jay, we bonded instantly over coffee and decadent chocolate treats at a lovely little patisserie called Cassis.  By the end of our meet-up, it felt like I'd known them for years, and after hearing about the beautiful, intimate wedding they had planned, I was beyond excited :)

Their wedding was simply beautiful - 11 of their closest friends & family, an exquisite setting, and pure love :) Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen a couple so EXCITED to be getting married (you'll see what I mean) - I literally had a smile & several tears behind my camera the whole day long :) They also bring out the best in each other - Jay's hilarious sense of humor brings out Nats' precious silly side & her quiet, loving nature grounds their love so beautifully :) 

Nats & Jay, thank you hugely for the honor of choosing me to capture your most special of days. I wish for you a lifetime of the happiness, love & fun which you already so clearly share :) Tiffs xx

*warning* I struggled to narrow down the images for this post, and eventually decided to just put all my favorites in, so there are a lot! :)

This was the glorious view we were met with on arriving at Farm 215!

 This place has some seriously beautiful attention to detail..

 The decor for their reception was perfection :)

 The view of the chalets!

 The beautiful pool area where the ceremony took place :)
Photographing the boys is honestly one of my favorite parts of the day - there's always something to have a good giggle at!
 Jay's dashing gear :)

 J had done the argus the weekend before, because of course, this is what rockstar people do the weekend before their wedding ;)

 J's best men - Clayton & Simon, such a laugh, hehehehe!

 You chose good Nats, one dashing groom!
 I LOVED the dress Nats chose, perfection for her :) :)

 We had a bit of a laugh with the ring shots ;)
 This was such a cute idea - each of the guests had a little carved wooden animal as their 'place-holder' - some of them objected to the associations ;)
 Love the busy-ness and hustle of the girls' room :)
 Clearly Nats gets her beauty and poise from her beautiful mother Margaret!

 Such a beautiful bride - with the most GORGEOUS blue eyes!

This moment was easily one of my favorites of the day - when Nats' dad walked in and saw her, this was his reaction :)

 Gorgeous guests - loved the coral color of Margaret's shoes!

 J was overcome whilst saying his vows - I cried a little too!

 Their parents said a blessing over their rings :)

 Now this, this is how excited and beautiful their love is - simple, pure, overjoyed, perfection :)

 There's a massive place in my heart for these 2 special people!
 The venue whipped up the most amazing canapĂ© treats!

 Some of the funnies from the family portraits, hehe ;)
 Beautiful Mum and beautiful sister Vicky :)

 We were followed by some of the farm horses too ;)

 Hehe, too cute for words!

 Nats has the most BEAUTIFUL blue eyes :) :)

 This was hilarious - I asked Nats to whisper something naughty QUIETLY in J's ear and then she spoke rather loudly resulting in massive giggles all round! 

 AND they very graciously and willingly lay down on the ground for me, what rockstars! 

 Hahahahah!!! Think this is how ALL grooms feel at some point on the couple shoot ;)

 We took advantage of the beautiful sunset and colored colds for some fun flaw photos ;)
 Seriously, how can you NOT love J?!

 They were both totally up for some fun shots ;)
 Clearly the man is skilled! ;)

 Their reception dinner was perfect - a long dinner table, good food, family and friends & some pretty hilarious and touching speeches :)

Service Providers
Venue: Farm 215
Makeup: The Bride (who is a makeup artist!)
Suit: Hilton Weiner
Assistant: My Awesome Hubby :)


  1. This is easily one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen! :) and the way you captured it. Each detail in place, each emotion captured for memory. It's so beautiful, Tiffz. And you are such an amazing photographer. You definitely did their day justice :)

    1. Ag thanks lovely Ingz, that is a beautiful and touching compliment :)

  2. I so enjoy looking at your work, and reading all the little comments in between. You are so brilliant at capturing moments! Well done! :)

    1. Wow tabitha THANK YOU for such an awesome compliment - moments mean the world to me :)

  3. Amazing photos, love the ones of the two of them walking in the grass,so romantic!

    1. Thanks so much for your ongoing support and blog love Bonnie, I treasure it SO much :)

  4. Beautifully Captured! What a special wedding in the most special place- Farm 215 is a little slice of heaven!

  5. ahhh tiffs, you captured such amazing moments and i LOVE the couple shots done with flash and that landscape shot where their heads are together and the sun peeping through - well well done!!

  6. Wow! Love this wedding. Simple. Stunning. Stylish. The groom is hilarious in front of the camera :p Bride is totally lovely. My favorite picture is the same one Tash described above with the sun behind... It's magic!

  7. Sjoe beautiful! Love the couple shoot photos and the detail you capture. Lens flare - so gorgeous! xx