Sunday 12 February 2012

Weekend Ramblings | Romance is Relative

Now, don't get me wrong. I love a bunch of flowers or a surprise gift as much as the next girl. But it's the small things my hubby does that knock my socks off....

Like his blog post the other day - where did that come from? He worked on it for ages before finally surprising me, and honestly, it made me have a quiet little cry. I'm a sap for things like that.... When it comes to this business, he's been the one person I can count on to be consistently honest. And whilst some days that's made me want to hit him, it's also forced me to grow a lot quicker. And for that I'm incredibly thankful :)

I think we're all conditioned to believe that somehow it's the 'grand gestures' that display love, but for me the things I appreciate most about my hubby at this moment are:

1. He cooks, and damn well!
2. He'll clean the whole house without asking me to.
3. When I arrived home on Friday he'd cleaned and polished all my camera gear :)
4. He'll learn things just so that he can teach me :)
5. Whilst I'm at work he'll take time out of his day to run a thousand inane errands that save me a buttload of time.
6. He teases me. This isn't always appreciated, but sometimes it's beyond important to be able to laugh at your silly self. And whilst I laugh easily at myself when I'm in a goofy mood, I can get my sulk on with the best of them. And then I need a good 'check yourself'!
7. He'll surprise me with commenting on his favorite images of mine, some of which I'd breezed over without really stopping.
8. He keeps me supplied with caffeine and amazing homemade cappuccinos
9. He reminds of what life's really about - makes me stop, slow down and enjoy the small moments :)

This is sort of silly ish we get up to on weekends ;)

He 'doesn't drink coffee' - so this must be an optical illusion ;)

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  1. AWH- love is all about the little things :) Glad you found your one.