Wednesday 15 February 2012

Random Factoids

Haven't done one of these in a while....and felt like sharing :)

- I hate my fingernails
- Nectarines are probably my favorite fruit
- I really don't like satay sauce
- I can drink 7 cups of (proper) coffee a day before I start to get tachycardic
- I am incapable of blowdrying my own hair
- I have exercise ADD and I reckon it's incurable
- Lens flare makes me happier than I should probably admit
- I cry when I get angry. And I'm not a pretty crier. At all.
- My 35mm at 1.4f makes me smile. A lot :)
- I thought I was a 50mm girl. Then I had an affair with my 35mm, we'll see who wins in the end ;)
- I am an avid Woolies supporter. So much so that my husband says I should buy shares from them. And then he did ;)
- The thought of iClouding devices excites me waaaaay too much!
- If Apple made an iCar, I would buy it ;) Same goes for an iCat!
- Scary movies and books freak the heck outta me....

I also happen to have weird toes. Deal.

Woah this is what 16mm zoom looks like!!! Feet waaaaaay away down there!!

Me, taken by hubby, at 16mm on one of our favorite beaches in CT :) Life is a beautiful journey!!

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