Friday 10 February 2012

Friday Hijack | What Happens When a Husband Crashes His Wife's Blog

Although I am probably one of Tiffs toughest critics I support her and see how much she has grown in a fairly short space of time. Tiffs is an inspiration and I see her photography going far. I therefore thought I would share a summarised version on how Tiffs started to learn the basics. And then finish off with some exciting new potential for her blog.

Tiffs decided in the beginning she would throw herself in the deep end and immediately start shooting on full manual. Now in hind site was that the best choice? It probably was for her. She learned very quickly after getting blurry, over/under exposed and grainy images what not to do. Tiffs subsequently moved from full manual to aperture priority, for a brief stint, until she was more comfortable with her settings and back to manual she went. And by doing this she quickly over took the lead in photography skills.Tiffs has done this to me before....

We are truly high school sweethearts, and had a number of classes together. One such was a class that involved learning to touch type (probably one of the most important things I learnt in high school). However as Tiffs joined our class after the initial first lessons she had to catch up. Now as she did not enjoy, nor was very efficient at typing “aa bb cc abc” she leaned over to me and asked politely if I would finish it for her. In this situation I really wanted to show tough love, as I “knew” that she would not benefit from me doing it for her. But...who could say no to 'that' smile? I folded and finished the boring sections for her whilst she chattered away in my ear. As a result she caught up to the rest of the class in no time. I questioned her skills, and was worried that she would now start to fall behind, having not actually learnt to type without looking at her keyboard (you're not supposed to. She still does. And it works for her). But did she? Well let’s just says she matriculated with one of the highest marks in the Western Cape for this subject.

Now this blog is filled with love and passion but I feel it needs a bit of a man’s touch, to get the gents interested. Therefore if time and the wife allows, once a month I will write a technical post covering equipment reviews, fun trick photography techniques and whatever else I find relevant at the time. 

Ross (the husband-behind-the-scenes)


  1. Hee Hee! Good one, Ross. Looking forward to seeing you two soon!

  2. too cool! Looking forward to this added extra!